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wall sconces

Colorful Wall Sconces Add Playful Vibe at Teen Center

Facing cancer is frightening. No one knew this better than actors Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner who both battled the disease. Shortly after Radner’s death in 1989, Wilder helped create Gilda’s Club, a community organization that provides support to patients and their families through counseling activities and social events in home-like settings across the country.

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swing arm wall sconce

Customized Lighting Puts ‘Fun’ in Functional Art Room

When Susan and her husband, Ethan, purchased his childhood home in Cincinnati, Ohio, they spent three years restoring it with help from Jackie Barnes Design. As they considered upgrades for the basement, Susan wanted the space to be useful and to promote creativity in their three boys — Jackson, 11, Ben, 7, and Thomas, 5.

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gooseneck barn light

Perfectly Pretty in Pink | Gooseneck Barn Light Adorns Playhouse

When Christie and Hank began planning a playhouse for their three girls, they envisioned a simple-to-build yet functional space where the girls’ imaginations could run free. The end result is a child’s dream come true in the family’s Atlanta back yard.

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chandelier lighting

Rugged Industrial Lighting Adds Memorable Style to Farmhouse

Last Monday, we started a tour of Allison and Steve’s brand new farmhouse located just outside of Birmingham, Alabama. If you missed the post, be sure to click over and see the explosion of color in the kitchen and mudroom!

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adjustable wall lighting

Easy-to-Customize Swing Arm Wall Sconces Bring Functional, Durable Lighting to Playroom

There are many advantages to buying a spec home from a builder. After all, it’s brand new and there’s no long wait to move in! And while some people love avoiding the countless decisions that come when building a custom home, that factor also lands on the downside of spec homes.

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