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Finish Gallery - Porcelain Enamel

Porcelain Enamel

As the only company in America crafting porcelain enamel lighting, we start with a handspun, solid steel shade. Multiple layers of porcelain enamel glass are then hand applied in the finish color of choice. Shades are fired in a 1,500-degree oven which bonds the porcelain and metal permanently. This time-honored process creates a high-gloss finish that will never fade making these fixtures particularly suited for outdoor and commercial settings. All porcelain shades feature a white interior and signature black ring around the outer rim. A variety of colors are available to help you create the look you desire!

Solid Steel

Triple-Coated Porcelain Enamel

High-Sheen Gloss

Vintage-Style Black Rim

Finish Gallery - Powder Coat

Powder Coat

Our palette of powder coat finish colors ranges from bright and lively to more subdued shades to offer plenty of options! The finish is applied by hand to commercial-grade aluminum in our Florida-based manufacturing facility. Powder coat is suitable for indoors, outdoors as well as high-traffic commercial settings. All powder-coated fixtures feature a white interior apart from Painted Aged Copper, Painted Aged Brass and Galvanized which feature a matching interior and exterior finish.

High-Grade Aluminum

Rust Resistant

Matte to Medium Gloss

Wide Array of Colors

Finish Gallery - Natural Metals

Natural Metals

Nearly every light we produce can be reimagined with elegant copper and brass! These natural metals lend our lighting designs a timeless, sophisticated character. Handspun and crafted from solid pieces of brass and copper, these lights demonstrate our steadfast commitment to quality.

Natural Copper & Brass

Natural Aging

Medium to High Gloss

Hand Finished