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With roots in early 20th century industrial lighting fixtures, these chain-hung pendants can be crafted from natural metals or customized with vibrant finish colors. Pair your favorite shade with a rugged chain-and-cord mounting for the vintage look of swag lighting. Choose from a variety of cord and chain colors to create a unique look for both traditional and contemporary décors. Read More »

How are chain hung lights used in a home or business?

Finding balance between traditional and contemporary looks, chain hung lighting is among the most popular mounting styles in homes and businesses throughout the country. Centered on their rugged aesthetic, a heavy-duty chain suspends a shade or fixture from the ceiling. This design feature denotes both classic and modern principles while visually signifying the fixture’s high-quality.

Chain lights are commonly installed as swag lighting. In rooms with off-center electrical boxes, swag pendants place the shade in the center of dining room or kitchen tables without requiring expensive rewiring.

What styles are available with chain hung lighting?

Thanks to their timeless appeal, chain hung pendants coordinate with nearly every popular style of light. Ranging from traditional and contemporary chic to industrial-inspired décors, chain lighting contributes extra hints of style to both residential and commercial settings. Common shades and fixtures for this mounting include:

  • RLM Shades: Acknowledged for their universal appeal, RLM shades complement the wide range of styles found in homes and businesses. The inclusion of a rugged chain elevates this classic design’s character.
  • Schoolhouse Globes: Capable of appearing both formal and playful, schoolhouse lights are increasingly popular in traditional and modern décors. These fixtures include either a clear or opaque glass shade, which evokes traditional styles while still coordinating with contemporary sensibilities.
  • Nautical Guards: Matching the aesthetics preferred in coastal, contemporary, and industrial décors, nautical guards outfitted with a chain mounting supplies character to homes and businesses.

How are chain hung pendants constructed? Are they customizable?

Borrowing manufacturing techniques from historic lighting companies, our RLM shades are meticulously crafted by hand. To create the shades, flat pieces of aluminum are spun on a lathe and carefully worked until they assume one of several timeless shapes. By crafting these lights by hand, we’re able to imbue a sense of durability and reliability directly into the shade. Various customization options, including wire cages, guards, and finish colors, let you determine the fixture’s look.

Schoolhouse globes are customizable with finish options for its mounting, chain, and canopy. Hand-painted stripes, available in several patterns, inject additional hints of color and an eye-catching style into the light’s aesthetic.

Nautical guard fixtures are assembled entirely by hand and can take on a personalized look with several guard options, glass tints, cord styles, and more.