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Timber & Ore Collection

Timber & Ore Collection

Bringing the warm, rustic feel of wood to classic lighting styles, this collection features a bold, new look with timeless appeal. Crafted entirely by hand to lend authenticity and uniqueness to each fixture, these lights are the new standard for rustic modern design!

Wooden Top RLM


Wilcox Uplight Pendant

The Wilcox revamped with its iconic deep bowl shade outfitted with a wooden top recreating classic lighting styles with rustic appeal.

Conoco Pendant

Putting a new spin on vintage designs, this pendant discovers a creative new look by combining the innate strength of metal with the warmth of wood.

Marathon Pendant

A modern interpretation of vintage fixtures, this RLM shade offers the rustic-meets-refined feel sought by many of today's homes and businesses.

Brunson Pendant

In this modern design, a metal shade is attached to a handcrafted wooden top, contrasting wood’s natural character with metal’s innate ruggedness.

Manhattan Pendant

Finding harmony between timeless designs and contemporary styles, this pendant updates classic RLM lighting with a wooden accent.

Alto Pendant

A striking minimalist creation, the Alto demonstrates modern styles through a simple wood-and-socket design.

Wooden Socket


Downtown Multi-Light

Incorporating either three or five pendants, this ceiling light can occupy a prominent position in any room's decor.

Downtown 5-Light

Distinctly modern and astonishingly versatile, this ceiling light’s straightforward appearance can set the tone for any setting.

Downtown 3-Light

This ceiling light simplifies contemporary styles by suspending three bare bulb pendants from a single canopy.

Downtown Sconce

Simple lines and timeless materials converge to create this truly one-of-a-kind wall sconce.

Downtown Swing Sconce

Functional and incredibly stylish, this sconce reinterprets classic styles with a handcrafted wooden socket.

Downtown Pendant

By taking a minimalist approach to its design, this pendant's straightforward aesthetic feels equally at home in modern and traditional décors.



Arcadia Pendant

Expressing the creativity and ingenuity expected from modern designs, the Arcadia uses wood to ground its sophisticated appearance.

Ventura Pendant

This all-wooden shade embraces familiar lines and traditional shape to create an entirely new aesthetic.

Lafayette Pendant

By partnering rugged industrial metal with an all-wood shade, the Lafayette perfectly represents the spirit of our Timber & Ore Collection.

Hands-on Craftsmanship

To create wooden shades and accents, our artisans use hand tools, not automated machines, and pay attention to the particular grain in each piece. Blocks of wood are turned on a lathe using traditional techniques to work the wood into the desired shape and dimension. As every piece of wood has its own character and each is crafted solely by hand, these truly become one-of-a-kind fixtures.


In our continuing effort to creatively blend rustic and modern styles, we hit upon the captivating combination of warm woods and sleek metal. Part of our inspiration for this new collection of handcrafted fixtures comes from our friend Austin King of Rafterhouse. This Phoenix-based builder specializes in traditional American and post war-era ranch architecture that also blends comfortable, yet sophisticated, styling. Rafterhouse has a well-earned reputation for unique designs and uncompromising quality, attributes that align well with Barn Light Electric's own commitment to producing the very best in American-made lighting.

Wood Sourcing

We use only North American hardwoods from suppliers who engage in responsible forestry practices to ensure sustainability. Our suppliers actively combat illegal logging and have policies in place regarding planned felling, minimum tree diameter, and felling rotation to ensure regrowth.


All of our finishing materials utilize natural oils which are hand rubbed and nontoxic. Each piece is then hand buffed with pure Carnauba wax to seal and protect the finish.

These handcrafted fixtures require minimal maintenance in the form of a periodic dusting with a soft, cotton cloth. If additional waxing is desired, use a Carnauba-based paste wax and buff gently to restore the natural luster.