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Efficient and stylish, LED chandeliers supply residential and commercial spaces with plenty of style and light. Integrated directly into the chandelier’s design, the LED components offer unmatched efficiency—budget and environmentally friendly lighting! Customize an LED chandelier light for your space! Read More »

Enterprise LED 3-Light Chandelier


Insider LED 2-Light Chandelier


Aldrin LED 4-Light Chandelier


Orbiter LED 4-Light Chandelier


Foundry LED 4-Light Chandelier


Sputnik LED 4-Light Chandelier


Apollo LED 5-Light Chandelier


Polaris LED 4-Light Chandelier


Mercury LED 8-Light Chandelier


Loma 3-Light LED Chandelier


Loma 2-Light LED Chandelier


What makes Barn Light Electric’s Chandelier LED Lighting unique?

With oversized profiles and eye-catching designs, chandeliers are used to define the style of residential and commercial settings. To create this impactful look, this collection of chandeliers joins multiple fixtures together with a single mounting. This helps chandeliers capture attention as the main focal point of a home or business.

While their aesthetic appeal is immediately apparent, these chandelier lights are outfitted with cutting-edge LED technology to enhance their functionality. Incorporated into the fixture’s structures, these LED components produce light with unprecedented efficiency. Very little energy is consumed by the LED technology as it produces light, offering substantial reductions in a venue’s electricity demands. This efficient design also lets LED chandeliers meet the requirements of “green” building codes. Along with the lower power bills, LED chandeliers offer 50,000 hours of light, eliminating most the maintenance requirements attributed to brightening a building.

Where are LED chandelier lights commonly installed?

In residential spaces, LED chandeliers can be used in nearly every room to accomplish an elevated aesthetic.

  • Dining Rooms: Perhaps the most common residential application, a chandelier installed above the dining room table establishes the space’s style while casting the perfect amount of light for the room.
  • Kitchens: Similar to dining rooms, a chandelier suspended above the table in eat-in kitchens determines the space’s aesthetic. As task lighting, a chandelier illuminates kitchen islands, providing illumination for meal prep and washing dishes.
  • Entryways: Chandeliers welcome visitors into your home while hinting at the style found in the rest of the house.

LED chandeliers additionally play an important role in commercial décors:

  • Bars and Restaurants: Situated above long communal tables, the bold style of LED chandeliers provides important contributions to a bar or restaurant’s aesthetic.
  • Office Buildings: In office buildings, a chandelier hanging over the conference table gives workspaces a trendy modern feel.

Is LED chandelier lighting customizable?

Because our LED chandeliers are entirely made-to-order, they can be personalized to match any space’s requirements. For a subtler style, consider the array of neutral colors and more restrained finish options. Or if a playful appearance is needed, numerous bright, vivid colors help our LED chandelier lights stand out!

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