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Designed for everyday use and special occasions, our assortment of bowls is guaranteed to stand out thanks to their creative patterns, stunning copper, and vibrant palette of finish colors! From serving and mixing bowls to dinner bowls, this collection contains the various options required by every kitchen! Constructed entirely by hand, these bowls demonstrate the durability needed for years of service! Read More »

What makes BLE’s porcelain enamel bowls so unique?

Fashionable, dependable, and timeless: Our enamelware bowls embrace old-world manufacturing techniques and elevated styles. Unlike other porcelain bowls, ours use commercial grade steel as a foundation. Thanks to this rigid metal, our enamel bowls feature a long lasting, heirloom-quality design.

To imbue our bowls with their appreciable structural integrity, we pay meticulous attention to every little detail as we construct the bowls by hand. A single piece of steel is diligently worked around a mold until the bowl’s desired shape emerges. Porcelain enamel is then applied to the steel, giving the bowls their eye-catching appearance and an extra layer of protection. The construction process is completed by baking the bowl in a high-temperature oven, where the two materials are permanently bonded together. 

Different patterns and designs establish the bowl’s sense of style. The Graniteware Finish features a nostalgic speckled pattern that dates back generations, which lends a noticeable timelessness to a bowl’s aesthetic. To let individual colors stand out, the Solid Finish emphasizes the porcelain’s glossy surface. Dipped Porcelain Bowls are finished with a playful stripe of color, offering a modern update to these classic dinnerware designs.

What kinds of bowls are available with porcelain enamel?

  • Nesting and Mixing Bowls: Five bowls, each a different size, fit inside one another for convenient storage. Although creating recipes is their primary purpose, these bowls also demonstrate the heightened appearance necessary to be stored on countertops fulltime or exhibited on trendy open shelves as part of a curated collection of accessories.
  • Salad Bowls: Intended for both every day meals and special occasions, enamel salad bowls bring a touch of style and color to the dinner table.
  • Dinner Bowls: These bowls are perfect for soup, cereal, snacks, and more.

Outside of porcelain, what other materials are used in this collection?

Nesting Copper Bowls provide several unique benefits not found in other materials. The metal’s organically lustrous surface gives everyday mixing bowls a sophisticated, almost luxurious appearance. As decorative accessories, copper bowls are worthy of occupying a prominent position in a kitchen’s design. However, there are additional reasons outside of their aesthetics to cook with copper bowls.

Many professional chefs and bakers favor copper bowls for tasks like whipping eggs or cream. This preference is due to the metal’s unique chemical properties. Copper, unlike most materials used to construct mixing bowls, is a naturally reactive metal. That means a chemical reaction occurs when proteins found in certain ingredients come in contact with the bowl’s copper surface. The resulting reaction stabilizes the ingredient as its whipped or mixed and increases its overall volume and airiness.