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Complete with four porcelain-coated cups, plates, and bowls, our made-to-order sets of dinnerware contain everything needed to give tables a vibrant touch of color and character! Handcrafted from commercial grade metal and coated in porcelain, our dinnerware are more durable and dependable than most other options. Several creative patterns and bold colors establish the perfect look for your table! Read More »

What’s included in a dinnerware set?

With four bowls, plates, and cups, our porcelain dinnerware sets contain everything you need when settling into a new home or replacing your current dinnerware with higher quality, more stylish alternatives. Each piece in this collection is coated with multiple layers of porcelain enamel, giving our dinnerware a memorable appearance and unparalleled durability.

What sizes of plates, bowls, and cups are available?

Sets of porcelain dinnerware are available in two sizes: Dinner and Breakfast. Intended for large, hearty meals, the Dinner Set includes 12” plates, 6” bowls, and 24-ounce tumblers. The pieces included in Breakfast Dinnerware Sets assume slightly smaller profiles, supplying the perfect size of bowl for cereal, plate for eggs and toast, and cup for orange juice before work or school.

What styles are available?

Three unique patterns and finish options are offered:

  • Graniteware: Popular for generations, Graniteware exhibits a colorful appearance and nostalgic style. Certain finishes closely resemble the classic Graniteware aesthetic, while bold and vibrant colors update this stylish speckled pattern for modern preferences.
  • Solid: This finish option sticks to a single splash of color. The Solid Finish features a black ring around its outer edge, giving each piece a signature look.
  • Dipped: Taking a more contemporary approach to its design, Dipped Dinnerware receives a playful stripe of color. With an eclectic assortment of color options, including bright and lively hues along with more muted tones, Dipped Dinnerware facilitates many different looks, ranging from whimsical to elevated.

How are porcelain dinnerware sets constructed?

Crafted entirely by hand, using only commercial grade materials, every piece of dinnerware we produce demonstrates the strength and resilience needed for a long lifespan. Our manufacturing process begins with flat pieces of steel. After the metal is diligently transformed into plates, bowls, and cups, multiple layers of porcelain enamel are applied. The dinnerware is fired in a high-temperature oven, permanently bonding the steel and porcelain together.

Are sets of porcelain dinnerware customizable?

Because our porcelain dinnerware is made-to-order, every set is fully customizable. Select from the various colors, patterns, and sizes to create a truly unique look matching your individual preferences.  

Possible Uses

Too fashionable to hide away inside cabinets, porcelain dinnerware can become decorative yet functional accessories when resting on trendy open shelves or countertops. When included in place settings, porcelain dinnerware can make everyday meals feel like special occasions. At more formal events, the color and pattern options can impart a subtle touch of playfulness or complement the sophisticated atmosphere.

Because their construction includes both commercial grade steel and rugged porcelain enamel, our dinnerware is a favorite of RV and camper owners. For picnics and backyard barbecues, replacing paper goods with porcelain dinnerware benefits the environment and saves money in the long run.