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Accessorize your ceiling fan with a fan guard to give you maximum protection, and add a speed control to provide in-wall adjustable convenience.  Read More »

Industrial Light Kits for Fans

For increased functionality and a completely new aesthetic, industrial lighting kits can be installed on select ceiling fans. When equipped with a light fixture, ceiling fans perform numerous practical applications in a variety of rooms.

  • In smaller bedrooms, a single ceiling fan with a light serves as the space’s primary source of illumination. They also keep the room cool for a relaxing night’s rest.
  • Installed on front porches, covered patios, or pavilions, wet or damp-rated fans with lights let homeowners and their guests enjoy outdoor areas late into the night. During the day, fans cool off the space, making it comfortable throughout the day.
  • As supplemental lighting in large interior living spaces, these fan kits imbue a warm, relaxing atmosphere.

Crafted from high-quality materials, these light kits demonstrate the durability necessary for years of service, regardless of where the fans are installed.

The addition of an industrial light kit dramatically transforms a fan’s aesthetic. Complementing a wide variety of styles — including rustic, nautical, and modern — fans with light kits put the finishing touches on already established rooms and décors.

Metal Protective Guards

Ceiling fans are employed to prevent warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and other similar settings from feeling hot and stuffy. However, due to flying debris and other potential hazards, certain precautions must be made to protect the fan. Enclosed behind a durable wire cage, the fan’s body and blades are fully shielded as they cool off these large industrial spaces.

Speed Controls

Adjusting multiple fans at once, necessary in large open settings, can be challenging. To make things a little easier, wall mounted controls let you change the speeds of multiple fans simultaneously. Some wall controls include a switch that reverses the blade’s direction, a feature intended for destratification during the winter months.

Replacement Parts

If one of a fan’s components is damaged in an accident, this assortment of replacement parts lets you swap out the broken piece, prolonging the fan’s lifespan. Available replacement parts include stems and sets of blades.