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Averill Porcelain Dinnerware: Cups, plates, bowls and more

Averill® Porcelain Dinnerware

To honor America's earliest innovator in paint, our new Averill® Collection of dinnerware bears the name synonymous with vibrant colors that are both durable and beautiful.


These colorful cups and tumblers benefit from our commitment to high quality, durable materials... not to mention they keep your drinks cold!


Vivid porcelain finishes, inventive designs, and sophisticated copper transform our bowls into the decorative additions needed in every kitchen.


Coupling porcelain enamel’s unmistakable sheen with our hands-on craftsmanship, each plate in this collection is truly one of a kind!

Dinnerware Sets

Bringing plenty of style to your table, each 12-piece set of dinnerware contains 4 plates, 4 bowls, and 4 cups.


Our bakeware balances out the innate ruggedness of solid metal and porcelain enamel with memorable patterns, colors, and designs.


Our functional yet eye-catching canisters contribute plenty of personality and color to any kitchen decor!

Cake Stands

With help from our cake stands, dessert and buffet tables feel memorable, enticing, and perfectly decorated.


Every meal and get-together can feel like a special occasion with our round or oval platters!

A Little History Lesson

The Averill Chemical Paint Company was one of America’s first innovators in the paint industry. Company founder and chemist D.R. Averill revolutionized the industry by offering the first premixed paints.

In the past, homeowners and craftsmen mixed paint from individual pigments in an arduous and time-consuming process that was difficult to replicate accurately.
Averill’s experimentation produced the first-ever premixed paint which was touted for its brilliancy, superior quality, and durability. Averill received a patent for his new premixed paint in 1867 and it soon became the industry standard.

The design mark for Averill -- an eagle, a ribbon, and the words "Economical, Brilliant" -- is noted as America’s first registered trademark, filed by Averill on August 30, 1870, under the Trademark Act of 1870.
The invention of premixed paint coincided with an increased desire among the public for elevated, fashionable homes. According to Averill’s 1886 catalog:

“Twenty years ago, it was difficult to find a country house attractively painted, the prevailing style being white with green blinds; now many of our country houses are models of art and harmony as exhibited in the selection and arrangement of colors.”
Thanks to premixed paint, it was significantly easier to design a house with multiple colors.

To help the public visualize new looks for their homes, Averill’s promotional catalogs included illustrations of suggested color combinations for various architectural styles. Sample color cards were also distributed to introduce the company’s various color options to the country.

Why Are We Honoring Averill?

As part of our ongoing effort to celebrate the legacies of influential manufacturers, we named our collection of dinnerware after this storied company.

Barn Light Electric’s dedication to creating high-quality porcelain dinnerware in an array of vivid colors aligns with Averill’s principles. By offering multiple colors and patterns, we encourage our customers to get creative when customizing their dinnerware. We think Averill would be proud!