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Barn Light Electric's collection of lamps offers every space a simple and instant makeover! Beautifully hand-crafted to imitate period-authentic fixtures, these portable table and floor lamps add a stylish touch of task lighting to every room. Available in porcelain enamel, powder coat, plus natural copper and brass finishes! Read More »

What is task lighting?

To provide illumination for paperwork, reading, homework, and other activities, task lighting directs light exactly where it’s needed. These lights are most commonly incorporated into a room as table, desk, and floor lamps. With their fashionable aesthetics, task lights often function as the decorative accessories every room requires to elevate its overall appearance.

Because task lights are ubiquitous to nearly every home, they’re available in a diverse selection of styles. Adopting classic influences, certain floor and table lamps imitate timeless farmhouse, barn, and nautical looks. These lamps integrate traditional RLM shades into their designs to receive a familiar aesthetic. Other options embrace contemporary lines and the latest trends to help rooms feel modern and relevant.

With fully customizable task lighting and a sincere commitment to craftsmanship, Barn Light Electric manufactures lamps that are sure to become long term features of living spaces, bedrooms, and offices.

Types of Task Lights

  • Desk Lamps: With their adjustable shades and focused light, these lamps make doing paperwork and studying easier and more comfortable. Along with this practical purpose, a stylish desk light provides home and commercial offices with an elevated aesthetic.
  • Table Lamps: While these lamps offer task lighting for reading on the couch or in bed, they also bring additional brightness to living spaces and bedrooms. As a room’s sole source of light at night, table lamps provide the soft ambiance that makes a space feel cozy.
  • Floor Lamps: Often assume similar looks and functions to table lamps, but with larger, more substantial profiles. Floor lamps contribute stylish accent pieces to elevate a room’s character.

All task lamps manufactured by Barn Light Electric include high quality metal and are constructed by hand. Weighted bases are used to prevent tipping and provide the lamps with sturdy foundations.

Rooms and Usage

  • Living Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Home Offices and Commercial Office Spaces
  • Craft Rooms