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Offered with vibrant finish colors and fashionable patterns — including a playful “dipped” design — our dinner plates make everyday meals feel like a special occasion! Each plate is crafted from high quality metal and coated with glistening-yet-durable porcelain enamel, making them some of the longest lasting available options! Read More »

How are BLE’s porcelain plates constructed?

By constructing our plates entirely in the USA, we’re able to oversee and control each step of the manufacturing process. Our heavy-duty porcelain plates start as flat pieces of steel. This sturdy metal is spun at a high speed and worked by hand into the plate’s familiar shape. The steel plates are then finished with layers of our signature porcelain, which protects the metal and provides a unique glossy sheen. Thanks to this meticulous craftsmanship, each plate is imbued with a tangible sense of quality not found in any alternatives.

What styles are available for porcelain enamel plates?

To translate everyone’s personal tastes and preferences into a truly unique design, a diverse assortment of patterns and colors gives our porcelain plates a custom look. The dipped design represents the latest contemporary trends while a graniteware finish recalls classic styles. The solid finish accentuates a single color, establishing a simpler aesthetic.

By transcending individual styles and design eras, porcelain dinnerware can sit atop trendy open shelves as decorative accessories or be used as everyday plates in more traditional spaces.

What sizes and dimensions of plates are available?

  • Breakfast Plates: With slightly smaller dimensions than the dinner sets, breakfast plates are the proper size for toast and eggs in the morning.
  • Dinner Plates: These larger plates provide more room for substantial main courses and several side dishes.
  • Dessert Plates: After dinner or for a late-night snack, enjoy slices of cake or pie on fashionable porcelain dessert plates.