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IES Files


ASE - Emblem / Regalia (Sign Light Series) click here

ASF - Frontier / Fire Chief (Sign Light Series) click here

BSL/BDSL/LBP (Bullet Sign Light Collection) click here

DBW - Wilcox / Wesco (Deep Bowl Shade Series) click here

DBL - Locke/Loma (Deep Bowl Shade Series) click here

RWS - Starfire / Radial Wave (Radial Wave Series) click here

SBA – Astro / Aero (Shallow Bowl Shade Series) click here

SBD - District / Dominion (Shallow Bowl Shade Series) click here

WHA - Ashland / Avalon (Warehouse Shade Series) click here

WHB - Bomber / Old Dixie (Warehouse Shade Series) click here

WHD - Drake / Dino (Warehouse Shade Series) click here

WHS – Sky Chief / Original (Warehouse Shade Series) click here

WHU - Universal / Union (Warehouse Shade Series) click here

The Lineup Series (AIL - LDBW - MIL - OIL - SIL)

High Lumen LED Schoolhouse click here

Download All IES Files click here
If the IES file you are looking for is not listed, please email sales@barnlight.com.

When submitting your request, including the complete product number—and not the product code listed on the website listing—expedites the process. The complete product number is created by referencing the codes listed on the specification sheet for your desired customization options.