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Handcrafted from commercial quality steel, and then finished with high-gloss porcelain enamel, our reproduction Porcelain Enamel Signs feature crisp black, easy-to-read lettering. Perfect for cafes, retail stores, and even the home laundry room! Read More »

What makes Barn Light Electric’s porcelain signs special?

Straightforward yet fashionable: Porcelain signs articulate vital information with a classic style. Inspired by vintage designs, our reproduction enamel signs evoke iconic styles. These signs inscribe a simple font on a stark white background. Black lettering contrasts with the white porcelain, creating an easy-to-read format. Black, silver, or polished brass grommets complete this classic aesthetic.

These signs communicate messages appropriate for a wide variety of spaces. Porcelain signs for businesses welcome customers inside, denote the locations of offices, and convey other important messages, while signs intended for residential application help establish playful contemporary décors. Complementing a wide variety of décor sensibilities, ranging from farmhouse to modern and eclectic, porcelain signs make any space feel personal and unique.

How are BLE’s porcelain signs constructed?

All of our porcelain signs are constructed by hand in the United States, using only high quality, commercial grade steel. After being coated with porcelain enamel, the steel plates are baked in a high-temperature oven, bonding the two materials together permanently. By incorporating porcelain enamel, our signs possess the extra layers of protection necessitated by exterior settings and areas with heavy foot traffic. Because they embrace a meticulous manufacturing process, our porcelain signs easily outlast any alternatives and become long-term additions to any setting.