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Build-Your-Own Enamelware Bowl Collection

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An heirloom-quality kitchen essential, our Build-Your-Own Enamel Bowls lets you create your own unique designs! Choose the sizes, patterns, and colors that meet your needs, and we’ll handcraft a set of five mixing bowls to your specifications.
Thanks to their porcelain coating, these mixing bowls provide the sturdiness and durability desired for every kitchen. However, with their dynamic colors and eye-catching patterns, they can be displayed on countertops and open shelves as decorative accessories.

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Dishwasher Safe (Handwashing Recommended)
  • Handcrafted from steel and not suitable for microwave use
  • Includes: (5) Bowls
  • Please Note: We recommend using silicone utensils to preserve the porcelain enamel finish

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I put these on my wedding registry. They are lovely and high quality pieces, and I love that they're made in the USA. I selected the jadite, delphite, and cobalt finishes, which are all very pretty. The cobalt finish is my favorite - it has a little texture to it while the other two are smooth. I put them to all kinds of uses in the kitchen. I did use a hand mixer in one bowl, which scratched some of the white porcelain enamel on my very first use. That's my only complaint, since I was hoping to do a lot of baking prep with these. Overall, though, I'm very glad I treated myself to these bowls!
I purchased these bowls to make the Japanese Milk Bread that Kindred Restaurant serves as their signature item. The quality is excellent and the bowls produce perfect results! I have recorded more for my stash!
I bought 8 small bowls using the build-your-own option: Finish : 365-Jadite w/Black | Jadite Interior. They are beautiful and I'm planning to buy more...the nesting bowls, maybe even more. So gorgeous. So, how I found these is interesting, at least I think. I was trying to find the article again but, I can't so, here's an article with the recipe of this milk bread that gets rave reviews. Here's a link to the recipe and this picture was at least similar to the one I saw. I saw the bowls and thought how awesome are the bowls. So, I went on a hunt to find these bowls and ended up at this site. I bought 8 and have used them for a number of things (salad, soup, sides, etc.) because they are so beautiful, I just want to use them often. I'll try the bread recipe sometime since it sounds interesting but, I haven't yet.

I was a little hesitant because of the price but, they are made to order and in the USA and when I unwrapped them, they are even more beautiful. To me, it was worth it especially how often I find myself using them.

I love the jadite color! ( the color is as pictured)(I also have a jadite radial wave pendant light) These are beautiful plates, bowls and cups. I am using them at my cabin on an island on a canada lake. They don't take up much room because they stack so well. I have no dishwasher out here, so they are hand washed, and easy to wash. I honestly find the medium bowl the most useful size, for side salads etc. The salald bowl makes a beautiful outdoor serving piece. These are wonderful plates and much nicer than any others i have seen. you will enjoy them!
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