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chandelier lighting

Rugged Industrial Lighting Adds Memorable Style to Farmhouse

Last Monday, we started a tour of Allison and Steve’s brand new farmhouse located just outside of Birmingham, Alabama. If you missed the post, be sure to click over and see the explosion of color in the kitchen and mudroom!

gooseneck barn lights

Fall Is In the Air, On the Porch, and On the Table!

Happy fall y’all! It’s that time of year when temps cool down and pumpkin spice options heat up! It’s also the season when our Instagram feed is chock full of autumn inspiration. We’re sharing some of our favorite photos discovered on a recent stroll through our feed. Enjoy!

nautical wall sconces

Easy-to-Customize Outdoor Lighting for New Craftsman-Style Home

When Scot started construction on his new home in Dogue, Virginia, he remembered an ad for Barn Light Electric that he saw in a magazine at the dentist’s office. The Florida-based company and its tagline — Where Vintage and Modern Collide — stuck with him.

american made pendant light

Vented Pendant Lights Add Wow Factor to Entry

Your home either has it or it doesn’t. That special something that makes people stop in the doorway, look around, and exclaim “Wow!”

Kelli had the wow factor in her sights as she recently renovated the entryway and front hallway of her Arizona home. Kelli writes for the Lolly Jane blog with her twin sister Kristi.

american made schoolhouse lighting 1024x983

Schoolhouse Lighting Makes the Grade After the Flip

There is no shortage of TV shows that feature house flippers — those optimistic souls who purchase distressed properties, do some quick renovations, then sell the house for a tidy profit. Or at least they hope so. But what happens after the sale? When the cameras move on to the next property and new homeowners move in?

porcelain numbers green entry

How to Create an Inviting Entryway for Your Summer Soiree

Even with summer in full swing I find myself looking at the calendar and realizing how fast the season is going by. After the 4th of July, I tend to grab every opportunity to get outside, take advantage of the weather, and socialize more. Informal gatherings on the back porch or spread on the lawn are perfect for the summer, and while these parties are meant to be low stress, you still want your home to look its best for friends and neighbors.