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rustic industrial lighting

Rustic Industrial Lighting Highlights Great Northwest Renovation

Mixing design styles can be tricky. Too much color, a hodgepodge of furniture, or too many competing patterns can make a space visually cluttered. But under the talented touch of an interior designer, mixing design elements can create a space that is not only attractive but cohesive, intentional, and personal.

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outdoor barn lights

Farmhouse & Industrial Styles Unite in New Home Construction

When Bill and Molly started planning their dream home in Centerville, Iowa, they relied on family to get it done right. Molly’s father, owner of Pierson Building, served as general contractor, and when it came time to choose lights, Molly’s mother, Janna, recommended the couple check out Barn Light Electric.

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outdoor lighting

Durable, Nautically Inspired Lighting Brightens Coastal California Home

Ten years after building their new home in Huntington Beach, California, Leslie and her husband knew it was time for a refresh on the exterior. The coastal location, with its abundance of sun and salt air, can be hard on surfaces so the couple repainted and purchased all new outdoor lighting.

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chain hung pendant light

Entryway Enhancements Topped Off With Dutch Door, Chain-Hung Pendant

It took more than 20 years, but Carlyne finally took the plunge and replaced her front door with the Dutch door she always wanted. Her main concern had been the security of the door, but not only does each half feature a deadbolt lock, but the halves are secured together with another heavy-duty lock.

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One Light, Customized Three Ways, Creates Stunning Exterior

If you missed Monday’s blog post, be sure to check out our walk-through of Allyson’s beautiful home in Bow Mar, Colorado. Today, we’re exploring the exterior of this modern farmhouse to see what lighting choices Allyson made for these inviting spaces.

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