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american made lighting

Fun Colors, Functional Style Highlight Elephant Barn Renovation

If you missed Monday’s post, be sure to click over and read the backstory of this interesting property in California that once served as an elephant sanctuary. Mike and Melanie fell in the love with the place and envisioned turning the former elephant barn into a multi-purpose photography studio, workshop, and office.

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Colorful Handcrafted Lighting Adds Nordic Flair to California Barn Renovation

We’ve seen a lot of interesting customer projects over the years, but today, we’re sharing a unique renovation. When Mike Kelley and his fiancé Melanie Eppright bought a piece of property in central California, it came with an interesting history. Once used as a sanctuary for elephants, the property includes a house and a barn for the pachyderms.

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American made lighting

Zen Meets Strength: New Barn Houses Yoga & Karate Studio

Last week, we shared the story and pics of a new barn built in Colorado that not only stores cars and bikes, but has plenty of room for fun, games, and entertaining on the second floor. Today, we’re taking a look at Robert’s new barn in Southampton, New York, that serves as his karate and yoga studio.

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New Barn Offers Storage Space, Play Space All in One

One of the latest and, dare we say, our favorite trend to follow is the advent of the party barn. Homeowners who love to entertain are building or renovating barns that serve as a rustic and casual space for eating, dancing, playing games, or just hanging out with friends and family.

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Timeless Character Restored: 200-Year-Old Home Shines with Porcelain Lighting

David’s home in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is no stranger to renovation. Built around 1800, the home was renovated in the 1850s, then again 100 years later in the 1950s. More changes were made in the 1980s and in 2000. When David purchased the home in 2015, one of the first renovations he tackled was the barn.

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Home Improvement Projects Get Instant Upgrade with Handcrafted Lighting

Whenever Susan gets the renovation bug, she knows where to turn for quality lighting that is easy to customize to suit her latest project.

“I have purchased from Barn Light Electric over the years,” she says, “and they are my go-to when we’re doing a project on our home.” The latest projects included a new barn to store Susan’s yard equipment.

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