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adjustable wall lighting

Easy-to-Customize Swing Arm Wall Sconces Bring Functional, Durable Lighting to Playroom

There are many advantages to buying a spec home from a builder. After all, it’s brand new and there’s no long wait to move in! And while some people love avoiding the countless decisions that come when building a custom home, that factor also lands on the downside of spec homes.

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Minimalist Wall Sconces Provide Subtle Accent for Colorful Bedroom

As an interior designer and the mom of two young children, Maggie Natarelli loves creating spaces that aren’t too fussy and feel accessible yet are beautiful and lasting.

“Young parents deserve good design too!” Maggie says. Based in New York, she recently worked with a family with three-year-old and five-year-old girls. Everything in the home is kid friendly and there are no spaces off limits to the children.

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Gullah-Inspired Lighting for SC Vacation Retreat

When Laura and Barrett built a second home in Beaufort, South Carolina, they turned to the local Gullah culture as inspiration. Gullah is a term describing the language, food, art, and music of the West African peoples who came to America through Beaufort on slave ships. Vibrant colors characterize Gullah primitive art which Laura featured in her new guest room.

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Guest Blogger | Dorm Room Makeovers with Kevin O'Gara

We enjoy bringing you the latest trends, not only in barn lighting , but in home décor and design. Today we welcome back one of the freshest voices in the interior design world — Kevin O’Gara of Thou Swell. Kevin created his interior design blog, named for an old jazz tune, as a place to share home, garden, and entertaining projects with an avant-garde mix of modern and traditional design.