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rustic industrial lighting

Rustic Industrial Lighting Highlights Great Northwest Renovation

Mixing design styles can be tricky. Too much color, a hodgepodge of furniture, or too many competing patterns can make a space visually cluttered. But under the talented touch of an interior designer, mixing design elements can create a space that is not only attractive but cohesive, intentional, and personal.

Harvest House

Our friend and designer Dion Williams recently took on a renovation that artfully blends contemporary, rustic, and industrial elements. Located in the Great Northwest region of Idaho, the project included a main home plus an outbuilding that serves as a sleeping cabin. Today’s post takes a peek at the cabin, and we’ll continue our tour next Monday with a reveal of the main house.

“The sleeping cabin was a remodel of the old power house on the property which housed a solar panel system providing electricity to the main house,” Dion explains. “My design direction was to embrace traditional cabin elements while reinterpreting them into a contemporary style.”


The cabin is long and narrow which offers a tricky floor plan for creating a sleeping space. Dion designed custom, built-in bunk beds with custom, upholstered mattresses to fit the available space. She also added a full set of windows to open the cabin to the beautiful forest and mountain views.

Dion 52 residential interior lighting on Dino Nautical LED Stem Mount Pendant 12in 150 Black Heavy Duty Guard Ribbed Glass

The center of the space is lit with Dino Nautical LED Stem Mount Pendants. These handcrafted pendants feature 12″ shades, a porcelain enamel Black finish, and 6″ stems. Dion also selected a heavy-duty guard for these lights along with ribbed glass, and a warm white color temperature

DSC02569 residential interior lighting Amidships Bulkhead Large 100 Black Dino Nautical LED Stem Mount Pendant 12in 150 Black Heavy Duty Guard Ribbed Glass 1

“I love the shape of the shade along with the heavy-duty guard which creates a more chunky, substantial look,” she explains. “I customized the shade size and stem length based on the ceiling height and the amount of space I had to work with between each truss.” Dion adds that the ribbed glass provides an interesting texture while the color temp warms up the space on the often-cloudy gray days experienced in the Northwest.

Dion 53 residential interior lighting on Amidships Bulkhead Large 100 Black

To provide bedside lighting, Dion chose the Amidships Bulkhead Light. These wall-hugging lights are the large size with a Black powder coat finish.

DSC02679 residential interior lighting Amidships Bulkhead Large 100 Black on

“These appealed to me for the industrial vibe combined with the function of safety next to a built-in bed where kiddos will be having slumber parties, pillow fights…you get the picture,” Dion notes. “I chose Black to add that pop of color to round out my design. Black is used in varying degrees in the floor tile and pillows. I like to pull my accent colors or finishes around the room for balance.”

Dion adds that it’s important to remember that you will always have bugs to contend with when designing a cabin in the woods.

DSC02553 residential interior lighting Amidships Bulkhead Large 100 Black Dino Nautical LED Stem Mount Pendant 12in 150 Black Heavy Duty Guard Ribbed Glass

“It’s a constant battle to clean bugs out of your lighting,” she notes. “The glass covers help alleviate that issue. Keeps the bugs out!” The bug issue also led Dion to select the Industrial Guard LED Sconce to highlight the cabin door. This American-made wall sconce features a Galvanized finish, warehouse shade, heavy-duty guard, and ribbed glass.


“Again, I love the chunky look of the industrial guard,” she says. “The Galvanized finish pops against the dark brown wood siding, and the glass keeps the bugs out.”

Be sure to check back Monday, October 10th when we continue our tour of this beautiful property and take a look at how Dion blends industrial, contemporary, and rustic elements in the main house.

Photos courtesy of Dion Williams & Kit Mitchell

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