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kitchen lighting

Handcrafted Lighting Brings Warmth, Authenticity to Kitchens

Whether you live alone in a trendy tiny home or share a spacious farmhouse with your family, the kitchen is likely a mainstay of your home. With so many activities taking place in this space, from food prep and entertaining to midnight snacking and family chit chat, this hub must not only be adaptable to many needs but should also reflect your style.

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commercial lighting

Cheers to Rugged Industrial Lighting at Wisconsin Brewery

Customers love the ease of shopping online with Barn Light Electric. With more than 1,000 products to choose from and countless customizing options, homeowners can easily create the perfect light, piece of furniture, or collection of dinnerware for their home with just a few clicks.

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rustic industrial lighting

Rustic Industrial Lighting Highlights Great Northwest Renovation

Mixing design styles can be tricky. Too much color, a hodgepodge of furniture, or too many competing patterns can make a space visually cluttered. But under the talented touch of an interior designer, mixing design elements can create a space that is not only attractive but cohesive, intentional, and personal.

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