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American made lighting

Zen Meets Strength: New Barn Houses Yoga & Karate Studio

Last week, we shared the story and pics of a new barn built in Colorado that not only stores cars and bikes, but has plenty of room for fun, games, and entertaining on the second floor. Today, we’re taking a look at Robert’s new barn in Southampton, New York, that serves as his karate and yoga studio.

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outdoor lighting

Copper Gooseneck Lights Exude Elegant Farmhouse Style on New Garage

When Jason remodeled his 70-year-old home on California’s central coast, he envisioned a Spanish-style, farm-style combination with all the colors and textures from both. The remodel plan included a new garage which would boast the farmhouse style Jason desired.

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brass outdoor lighting

Lighting 101: The Challenges of a Salt Air Environment on Lighting

While the beauty of coastal environments is undeniable, the presence of salt air can pose challenges for metal finishes. And while those living within sight of the seashore typically understand the corrosive nature of salt, studies have shown that salt air can corrode metal up to 40 miles inland.

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bathroom lighting

Easy-to-Customize Lighting Adds Eclectic Touch to Pantry & Bath

When Kristin and her family moved into their Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, home more than two years ago, she began tackling a long list of needed renovations.

“Our house was built in 1991, and we have been making updates since we moved in,” Kristin says. “We just recently finished our basement, gutted and remodeled our master bathroom, and turned our garage into a finished space with heat.”

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vanity lights

Put Your Best Face Forward with Handcrafted Vanity Lighting

Vanity lighting is an essential aspect of any bathroom or dressing area as it serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose. Proper illumination is crucial when performing grooming tasks such as applying makeup, hair care, or shaving. Good vanity lighting also enhances the aesthetic of a space, creating a warm and welcoming ambiance. It adds to the overall style of the room, complementing other design elements and providing a visual focal point.

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