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gooseneck barn lights

Vintage-Inspired Lights Easy to Customize for Timber Frame Home

Like many people, Bruce and Mary Ann grew tired of cheap, mass-produced lighting found in big-box stores. When it came time for a complete refresh of the lighting at their vacation cottage in northern Ontario, they looked for customizable lights to create a more personalized space.

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American made lighting

Zen Meets Strength: New Barn Houses Yoga & Karate Studio

Last week, we shared the story and pics of a new barn built in Colorado that not only stores cars and bikes, but has plenty of room for fun, games, and entertaining on the second floor. Today, we’re taking a look at Robert’s new barn in Southampton, New York, that serves as his karate and yoga studio.

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parabolic collection

Parabolic Collection | A Captivating Fusion of Vintage Charm, Modern Design

If you want to create an irresistible blend of timeless aesthetics and modern flair, look no further than Barn Light Electric’s Parabolic Collection of lights. Meticulously crafted by hand in our Florida manufacturing facility, these easy-to-customize chandeliers and wall sconces are the epitome of Barn Light’s motto — Where vintage and modern collide.

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commercial lighting

Highlighting Brewery’s Fun, Engaging Ambiance with Industrial Lighting

There’s nothing better on a hot August afternoon than a cold, finely crafted beer. In Knoxville, Tennessee, the number of craft breweries has grown in the last 10 years from just a handful to more than 40. The Knoxville Chamber of Commerce notes that local breweries generate more than $115 million every year and have created more than 300 jobs. 

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schoolhouse lighting

Reviving 1930s Kitchen with Classic Look of Schoolhouse Lighting

Buying an older home is a dream for many but it definitely comes with challenges. While renovations can be rewarding, they often unveil a cascade of unexpected issues. When Melissa bought her home in 2005 in the foothills of Denver, Colorado, she knew the 1930’s-era structure needed significant work.

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industrial lighting

American-Made Lighting Boosts Home’s Selling Potential

When you’re selling your home, every detail counts. And one of the most important details is the lighting. Good lighting can make your home look brighter, larger, and more inviting to potential buyers. Executive broker Becky Carter of Urban Cottage Real Estate in Arkansas knows full well the impact lighting can have when selling a home.

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