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The Best of Industrial Farmhouse Interior Design on Pinterest

From pristine to panache, vintage industrial accents make period design accessible to all. We’ve seen a fair share of unique takes on industrial lighting (remember the dolly light?) but in order to make your rustic redesigns truly inspired it’s important to keep some design guidelines in mind. Here to help explain these guidelines are some of Barn Light Electric’s frequently pinned industrial farmhouse design images.

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porcelain enamelware collection

Vintage Housewares Bake Holiday Memories With Retro Style

While summer is all about grilling, fall is all about baking. The onset of the extended holiday season means the kitchen gets a workout with flour-coated counters, mounds of chocolate chips, and spicy scents wafting through the whole house. For many, baking a batch of pumpkin bread or snickerdoodles brings back cherished memories of spending time in the kitchen with mom or grandma. For me, sitting on the kitchen stool while I stirred a batch of cookie dough in Mom’s giant Pyrex bowl was pure heaven.

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industrial farmhouse barn pendant lighting kitchen

Rustic Industrial Style Develops When You Master the Mix of Old, New

“Master the mix” could become the interior design mantra for 2014. The art of being able to mix old and new elements for an updated, yet classic design is the goal for many homeowners looking for the latest amenities in their spaces yet longing for vintage character too. In this industrial farmhouse kitchen, the exposed beams and vintage chairs around the farm table speak to years gone by while modern shelving and sleek stainless appliances add a modern touch. The RLM-style warehouse shades also breathe a whisper from the past with their generous span of light focusing on the center work station.

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all weather farm light wall mount

Dress Up Sheds, Outbuildings with Classic Gooseneck Lighting

Sometimes a garage just isn’t big enough for all the stuff of life. From gardening tools to bikes to various holiday decorations, the items that can’t stay stashed in the living room need to find a home somewhere. In an effort to actually park the car in the garage, some homeowners opt to build a shed. These outbuildings run the gamut from simple to stunning, but classic gooseneck lighting is a must have!

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V H 021 Vintage pyrex yellow 2.5 quart1

Vintage Housewares Collection Expands to Include Stylish Retro Pieces

Just as we promised in last month’s Vintage post, we discovered more “new” items to add to our Vintage Housewares collection! Some, in spite of their age, are still functional and handy to have in the kitchen, while others are simply full of character and charm and more suitable as an accessory or display piece.
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Industrial Lighting Helps Sets Mood for Commercial Businesses

One of the most basic functions of good lighting is to establish a mood within a space. And I’m not talking candles or a dimmer switch on the dining room pendants. The mood is set not only with the illumination but with the fixture itself, and nowhere is this more important than in commercial operations. When customers and employees enter your building, you want the lighting to be functional and to set a tone for the environment that makes customers feel welcome and employees feel happy!
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