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The Best of Industrial Farmhouse Interior Design on Pinterest

From pristine to panache, vintage industrial accents make period design accessible to all. We’ve seen a fair share of unique takes on industrial lighting (remember the dolly light?) but in order to make your rustic redesigns truly inspired it’s important to keep some design guidelines in mind. Here to help explain these guidelines are some of Barn Light Electric’s frequently pinned industrial farmhouse design images.

1. White Washed Wonders

Courtesy of Jessica Lee Kesler Photography

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your canvas clean when you are working with rustic accents. This pristine white kitchen is packed with charm with a cluster of vintage-inspired angle shades and beautiful wood flooring.

2. Show your pastoral roots


Evoking a strong sense of nostalgia is key to carrying industrial farmhouse style throughout the home. Photo-galleries with mismatched frames are wonderful for sharing photos old and new.

3. Bring the outdoors, in.

Courtesy of

Don’t be afraid to hang your herbs to dry. The industry and utility of barn spaces were ideal for large scale crops and preparing for the harvest. It’s so healthy to revive those practices, even on if it is on a smaller scale.

4. Use new trends to recapture old elements.

Courtesy of

Perhaps you think aged wood paneling is a dust trap, but you love the rustic story it tells… Fortunately for you there are a plethora of wall paper companies to have taken on the task of creating wallpaper that imitates the likeness of painted, raw, or finished wood planks!

5. Timeless Mediums are Always in Style


There’s a reason porcelain RLM lighting has been a prevalent go-to choice for illuminating barns, farm and horse stables. The porcelain enamel finish is durable, easy to clean, and keeps its vibrant hues for decades. It also is the finish of choice for these enamelware nesting bowls–a staple, in our opinion, to a barn style kitchen!

6. No-fuss surroundings makes for easy relaxation.

Courtesy of Lantligt Shabby Vintage

After a hard day’s work, the last thing you need to do is worry about mucking up your carpets or taking a white glove to every surface in your home. Industrial farmhouse interior design frees you from rigid restraint, allowing you to release the expectation that clean and shiny is perfect. Take some time and enjoy the patina in your life.

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