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schoolhouse lighting

Reviving 1930s Kitchen with Classic Look of Schoolhouse Lighting

Buying an older home is a dream for many but it definitely comes with challenges. While renovations can be rewarding, they often unveil a cascade of unexpected issues. When Melissa bought her home in 2005 in the foothills of Denver, Colorado, she knew the 1930’s-era structure needed significant work.

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Wallpaper Wednesday

Wallpaper Wednesday | Creative Papers Pair Perfectly With Handcrafted Lighting

Once considered a dated trend, wallpaper is now seen as a stylish and versatile way to add personality and interest to any room. With more options than ever, from classic patterns to modern designs, wallpaper exudes personality, color, and style.

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gooseneck barn light

Home Improvement Projects Get Instant Upgrade with Handcrafted Lighting

Whenever Susan gets the renovation bug, she knows where to turn for quality lighting that is easy to customize to suit her latest project.

“I have purchased from Barn Light Electric over the years,” she says, “and they are my go-to when we’re doing a project on our home.” The latest projects included a new barn to store Susan’s yard equipment.

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Schoolhouse lighting

Kitchen Dream Comes True with Vintage-Inspired Schoolhouse Lighting

At the age of 16, Casey had visions of her dream kitchen. It would have a Big Chill refrigerator and all the Big Chill appliances to create a retro-style kitchen.

“Weird, I know,” Casey says. “I’m 30 years old but have always had this kitchen design in my head.” She and her husband recently tackled a DIY kitchen remodel in the 1984-era home. Here’s where they started…

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schoolhouse lighting

Stunning Transformation Celebrates Rich History of Spanish-Style Cottages

Sara McDaniel has loved old houses for as long as she can remember. And though her career began in education, Sara’s path eventually led back to her first love. Returning to her hometown of Minden, Louisiana, in 2016, Sara purchased a 1920s-era home in dire need of renovation. Dubbed Simply Southern Cottage, the project jumpstarted Sara’s career as a content creator, entrepreneur, real estate investor, and highly sought-after designer and renovator.

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