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Kao Flush Mount Kitchen HGTV Farm House Fixer2

Spotlight on Mid-Century Style: Our Vintage Inspired Lights Featured on HGTV’s Farmhouse Fixer

Bringing Vintage Charm to a Beach Cottage Remodel with Custom Barn Lighting

Kao Flush Mount Barn Light Kristin Crestin
Kao Flush Mount Barn Light Kristin Crestin

In season 3 of HGTV’s Farmhouse Fixer, our vintage-inspired lighting fixtures took center stage, illuminating the beauty of mid-century design with a touch of beach farmhouse charm. Jonathan Knight and Kristina Crestin take on an ambitious beach cottage remodel in Essex Massachusetts.

If you’re a homeowner looking to infuse your space with timeless elegance and functional lighting, this guide will inspire and create the perfect opportunity for you to start on your own dream project.

I love all these retro and nostalgic moments, this view tells the whole story. ⁠

-Kristin Crestin

How to Incorporate Vintage Inspired Lighting into Your Home

Consider Your Color Palette

Color is the secret ingredient to stunning interior design. While it may be tempting to mix and match all your favorite hues, focusing on harmony allows for a sophisticated and polished look that elevates the space. In this build, we want to integrate the finish of the fixtures in a cohesive way that feels unifying, avoiding a visual mishmash.

In the show, the kitchen is going to be a focal point in the building due to its tricky narrow space. To install vintage-inspired kitchen lighting, we will need to implement a color palette that upgrades the space without clashing with surrounding décor and appliances.

In Episode 7 of Farmhouse Fixer, we see the white Kao wall sconce blending in seamlessly with the shiplap wall paneling. In the same scene, we see the matching set of ceiling Kao flush mounts brilliantly lighting up the kitchen area with the same understated finish, allowing the turquoise appliances to remain the focal point. Choosing a neutral tone for your fixtures provides functional charm that won’t compete with the existing vibrant colors in your space, creating a more balanced appeal.

Kao Flush Mount and Kao Ceiling Mount HGTV Farmhouse Fixer
Kao Flush Mount and Kao Ceiling Mount HGTV Farmhouse Fixer

Investigate Your Space for the Most Effective Lighting

Attempting to create a mix of old and new may seem counterintuitive, but the results will surprise you once you execute the proper research. Choosing your lighting before this research is done may result in a fixture that doesn’t fit your mounting location or is potentially in the way of another appliance or decoration piece.

When using LED lighting specifically, the square footage of your room will be necessary to choose the brightness in lumens that will be required to light up the space effectively. Additionally, measuring the length of the walls and objects near the proposed location of the vintage lighting fixture will help your decision in choosing the pendant stem length or sconce base.

Choose The Practical Vintage Lighting Styles for Each Space

Shade Styles

A shallow shade style is featured in the show, with Kristina mounting our Sinclair Swing Arm using the sconce mounting choice. This configuration works well here, as the swing arm can be used in different bathroom lighting scenarios. This RLM shade was chosen to disperse light beyond the local sink area. When selecting a shade shape, consider more than just aesthetics. Opt for a shape that not only looks appealing but also provides the optimal lighting for the space.

Mixing Styles – Layering Your Vintage Inspired Lights

The kitchen is where things get interesting. We have the Kao sconce and Kao flush mount from the ceiling providing lighting where there needs to be some overlap. During those late evenings, we can create our own lighting “night mode” using the wall sconce lights as a low-light walkway.

HGTV Farm House Fixer Indy Pendant Light Dining Room Basket Shade
HGTV Farm House Fixer Indy Pendant Light Dining Room Basket Shade

Adding That Beach Farmhouse Charm

The dining room was seamlessly integrated into the kitchen without a drastic color change. Jonathan and Kristina decided to go in a neutral direction for this room. This is perfect to utilize a beach style lighting fixture.

To maintain that coastal theme, they decided on our Indy Industrial Pendant light encased in a custom basket from Etsy. This cottage gives nothing short of a cozy and breezy feel.

Choose Only Quality Vintage Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

By choosing a Barn Light lighting fixture, you are going in the right direction to complete the farmhouse remodel of your dreams. Our mid-century modern dining room lighting and kitchen barn lights are made right here in the USA. These kitchen lighting fixtures are custom handcrafted by our top-notch artisans using only materials of the highest quality. Our mid-century lighting fixtures come in durable porcelain enamel-coated steel, numerous powder coat finishes, and even copper and brass!


Our vintage-inspired lighting, as seen on HGTV’s Farmhouse Fixer, offers a perfect blend of mid-century elegance and beach farmhouse charm. Whether you’re looking to remodel your entire home or just add a few stylish touches, these fixtures provide both beauty and functionality. Explore our mid-century lighting collection today and bring the same timeless style into your own remodeling project.

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