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outdoor barn lighting barn light original

Original Gooseneck Light Graces Front Door of Renovated Yucatan Home

When Wes first saw his future home in Merida, a 500-year-old city on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, no one would have blamed him if he had completely leveled the place and built something new. But Wes saw the character of what he lovingly calls “the ruin” and transformed it into a stylish, functional, and inviting space with a definitive nod to its history. Wes chronicled the 59-week process on a Facebook page where friends and family could watch as the workers raised beams, poured concrete, installed new colorful tiling, and added a pool and rooftop patio.
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benjamin fortified porcelain pendant dining room

Porcelain Stem Mount Pendants Feature Multiple Shades for Wide Span of Light

As we approach the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy’s deadly rush onto the New York and New Jersey coastlines, we are hearing more about rebuilding efforts as residents pick up the pieces, sort out the insurance paperwork, and, in many cases, rebuild. One of Barn Light Electric’s Featured Customers owns a vacation home in Ship Bottom, New Jersey, on Long Beach Island which saw 16″ of water in the interior during the height of the storm. Erica and her husband had to start from scratch in renovating their space.

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galvanized original warehouse gooseneck 1

Gooseneck Lighting Bring Industrial Look to Commercial Venues

In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses must pull out every weapon in the arsenal to put their best face forward to the consuming public. Lighting is a big component of any business whether you’re selling widgets or seating patrons for an elegant dinner. While business owners have an abundance of choices when it comes to commercial lighting, the lights must satisfy the needs of high efficiency, ease of maintenance, functionality, and of course styling that complements the company image.
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Gooseneck Lights Offer the Utmost in Flexibility, Customizing

The gooseneck barn light has been a staple of the American lighting industry since it first started appearing on farms and at roadside gas stations back in the early 30s. The wide span of downward directed light was perfect for lighting up barn doors and horse stalls as well as the old fashioned gas pump that was operated by the owner, not the consumer.
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bulkhead wall sconce kitchen

Nautical Wall Sconces Add Industrial, Coastal Style to Any Space

Climbing a lighthouse should be on everyone’s bucket list. Just north of us on the central Florida coast is the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse, the state’s tallest lighthouse, which rises 175 feet offering a panoramic view of the Atlantic, the inlet, and the surrounding coastline. Keeping the light shining was essential in the early and often dangerous days of coastal navigation and it was up to the lightkeeper to climb the 213 steps to the top to maintain the Fresnel lens that beckoned sailors safely home. As you retrace the lightkeeper’s steps up the winding staircase, you’ll notice bulkhead lights on every landing. These nautical wall sconces are often round but also come in this oblong shape.
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copper astro gooseneck in setting

Raw Copper Takes Classic Gooseneck Lighting to New Heights

When you consider the classic gooseneck light, it’s hard to imagine how you can improve upon it. The RLM inspired warehouse shade casts a wide span of downward directed light and the arched gooseneck arm, available in an almost endless array of sizes and shapes, takes your shade to the right height and projection placing the light exactly where you need it. How could this light be any better? How about finishing off that classic light with a copper finish? We now offer four of our best selling gooseneck shades in a gorgeous, hand spun copper finish!
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