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stem mount pendant lighting

Colorful, Custom Barn Lights for Classic New England Barn

We’ve seen a lot of barns over the years. Everything from two stalls to 20 stalls and working barns to man-cave barns all made even more beautiful with our American-made lighting.

One of our newest favorite barns comes from the talented folks at Houses& Barns by John Libby. With an in-house architect, designer, and plenty of timber framers, this crew creates barns with an eye toward timeless design and quality construction meant to last.

gooseneck barn light

Classic Barn Lights Bring Vintage Touch to New Barn Construction

When Jessica and her family purchased a home in Duxbury, Massachusetts, the property included an old barn built in the 1800s. Although they tried to save the structure, it was beyond repair. Jessica decided to build new, but she wanted to take design cues from the original structure.

wall sconce lights resize

Wall Sconces Offer Compact, Convenient Light for the Bedside

If you missed our post on The Granville Barn a couple of months ago, you should definitely add it to your fall travel list. Elliott and his wife renovated a 100-year-old barn on their property creating a stunning rental unit. The couple included some beautiful, vintage-inspired barn lights on the exterior.

commercial lighting pendant lighting

Commercial Lighting Offers Rugged Style to Denver's Newest Eatery

A hearty “G’day mate!” isn’t quite what you expect in Denver, Colorado, but if you wander through the doors of Chook Chicken, that’s likely what you’ll hear. Chook means “chicken” in Aussie lingo and the owners of this new restaurant have roots in the land Down Under.

kitchen lighting schoolhouse lighting

Schoolhouse Lighting Adds Pop of Color, Retro Style in Kitchen Remodel

The 1950s post-war enthusiasm influenced many aspects of home design. The clean lines of the mid-century modern style reined supreme and color found its way back into the home.

Lighting was no longer just a functional piece of equipment, but instead became an integral part of a room’s design. Sculpted shades and intriguing new shapes made lighting fun again!

stem mounted pendant lighting

Galvanized Warehouse Shades a Go-To Lighting Solution for California Couple

When you’ve lived in your home for more than 30 years, renovation projects tend to be ongoing. For Chris and Joanne, husband-and-wife artists living in Eagle Rock, California, remodeling their Dutch Colonial bungalow, circa 1921, has been a labor of love.