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Flawless Lighting Designs Combine With Traditional Colonial Style

With a historically accurate design, the Altamont Pendant can give your kitchen a style that resembles the interior of many early American homes.

Because an increasing amount of homeowners are spending more time and money on kitchen renovations, it’s important that the design flows throughout the rest of the home. The vintage pendants featured today add more than just a classic look to your home – they also provide focused lighting over central work surfaces where supplemental light is most needed.

A perfect example is seen in the photo above, where three identical Altamont Pendants hang over the central sink and eating area. With this multi purpose arrangement, children can get help with homework or adults can gather to entertain on weekends. Thanks to the glare reducing design of the lighting, the natural light from nearby windows blend harmoniously with the artificial light. This kitchen was featured on Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn, a design firm that iscommitted to creating spaces that aesthetically and functionally accommodate you and your family.”

If you’re in the planning stages of renovating your own kitchen, the Altamont Pendant is just one of many ceiling lights that you can use for a both a modern and traditional look. Vintage pendants sold at Barn Light Electric come with polished metal finishes on their stems, cups and rims. It’s the combination of the polished metal and the ribbed glass shades that makes them a perfect match for stainless steel appliances and flawless marble counter tops!

Like many of the our vintage and barn pendants, the Altamont’s shade styles are based on older models from General Electric. The original models were called Lobay Industrial Reflectors, which were built with deep bowl reflectors and ribbed glass. Some of these original vintage shades can still be found today, but shopping with us is your best bet!

Photos Courtesy of kitchenstudio-ge.com

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