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Handcrafted gooseneck arms offered in a wide variety of styles and sizes to suit most every space. From the classic gooseneck shape and straight arms to heavy-duty options that support large commercial lighting, our collection of gooseneck arms are constructed to last from commercial-grade materials. Custom sizes available upon request.

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What are gooseneck arms? What styles of gooseneck arms are available?

Known for their dramatic curves and iconic appearance, gooseneck arms are among the most common mounting options for wall lighting. Dating back to the earliest days of the lighting industry, gooseneck arms have maintained their popularity throughout the century. However, in the past decade, the prevalence of this mounting has surged, and they are now ubiquitous features of residential and commercial properties.

Gooseneck arms are constructed from sturdy metal tubing, which is bent and formed into myriad shapes and angles. However, certain options assume simple, more straightforward lines, giving the arm a subtler appearance. Other looks rely on chains or support arms for a more industrial style. With its vast assortment of available dimensions, this collection ensures there’s multiple options for every space. Because we craft these arms ourselves, we’re able to produce custom dimensions if your project requires something unique. Contact us for more information

What fixture styles are available with gooseneck arms?

Gooseneck arms accommodate nearly every type and style of light. This includes timeless RLM barn lights, industrial fixtures, chic contemporary shades, and nostalgic schoolhouse lighting. To create traditional sign lights, gooseneck arms position angle shades above commercial logos, outdoor murals, and architectural awnings. Because gooseneck arms can facilitate the latest looks, installing these fixtures is a simple way to transform a space’s overall style.

What are some other benefits of gooseneck arms?

Celebrated for their iconic shapes and practical purposes, gooseneck arms play a pivotal role in a wide variety of spaces. Because the fixture’s wires are concealed behind durable metal tubing, many gooseneck lights are rated for wet areas. That means the fixtures can come in direct contact with rain, snow, and other types of precipitation. By protecting these electrical components, gooseneck arms additionally mitigate any damage the fixtures may accrue in commercial venues and other high-traffic areas.

Unlike sconces, which mount the shade close to the wall, gooseneck arms provide a greater distance between the two. Thanks to this increased projection, sidewalks, exterior doorways, and other similar locations are flooded with bright, welcoming illumination. This not only increases the safety and security of a home or business, but imparts a memorable, welcoming curb appeal.