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Colorful, Custom Barn Lights for Classic New England Barn

We’ve seen a lot of barns over the years. Everything from two stalls to 20 stalls and working barns to man-cave barns all made even more beautiful with our American-made lighting.

One of our newest favorite barns comes from the talented folks at Houses & Barns by John Libby. With an in-house architect, designer, and plenty of timber framers, this crew creates barns with an eye toward timeless design and quality construction meant to last.


Their latest project was a new design and build on the coast of New England. The owner wanted a multi-functional barn next to their new in-ground pool. The new building includes space for vehicles, storage, a mechanical room for pool equipment, a workshop, and a bathroom/changing/shower room. An exterior covered patio next to the pool overlooks the ocean.


“The owners searched online and loved the colors of Barn Light Electric fixtures and their relationship to the traditional American barn,” says Cindy Drake with Houses & Barns. “No better way to light a barn than to select barn lighting.” The couple worked with Apex Lighting Solutions, Barn Light’s New England rep, to find the perfect lighting for inside and out.


For the exterior of the building, the owners chose the Sydney Gooseneck Light to highlight the large sliding doors. They customized this wall light with an 18″ shade handspun from Raw Copper. The G22 gooseneck arm offers 22″ of projection from the building to fully light the entryway.


On the back side of the barn, the owners chose the matching Sydney Flush Mount Pendant Light for the covered patio. These pendant lights are customized with smaller 12″ shades also spun from solid copper. The cast guard is finished in contrasting black and clear glass was chosen for maximum light.


“The owner liked the look of black with the copper finish,” Cindy explains. “The barn siding is clear pine that will naturally weather to a grayish color over time. Copper was selected as a preferred material for durability in a coastal environment.”


Inside, more guard-and-glass pendants highlight the beams of the timber frame structure. These Brisbane Stem Mount Lights are customized with 14″ shades, a Barn Red finish on the shades and guards, and clear glass.


Several cord-hung versions — Brisbane Pendant Lights — are installed in the higher peaks. These also have 14″ Barn Red shades and guards plus stylish red-and-white chevron cords for an additional twist.

“The 14″ shades scaled well in the storage area of the barn suspended from the timber frame plates,” Cindy notes. “And the owner loves the red color.”


In the nearby shop space, the owner stayed with the Barn Red finish color for some Industrial Guard Sconces. These handcrafted lights are both rugged and stylish and feature clear glass for plenty of light.

“The owner enjoys the utilitarian feel of these lights,” Cindy adds.


A small kitchenette offers space for those seeking a snack while enjoying the pool and yard. This area is accented with two Wilcox Uplight Stem Mount Lights. These handcrafted ceiling pendants sport 14″ shades and a creamy Jadite finish.


A side table is highlighted with a matching Wilcox 2-Light Vanity Sconce also customized with the Jadite finish on smaller 10″ shades.


“The owners chose this color to create an expanded palette as you move from room to room,” Cindy says. “Color was the primary driver as they looked at lighting along with the array of options. The variety in color and layout complements the beauty of the timber frame.”

Photos courtesy of Houses & Barns by John Libby and Izzy Bouchard Photography

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