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Industrial Lighting, Galvanized Ductwork Highlight NJ Reno

A wise builder once said that renovating a home is much like watching sausage being made. It can be a grinding, cringe-worthy process with lots of lessons learned, but the end result is oh, so satisfying!

When Joseph started on a renovation in Union City, New Jersey, he had no idea just how much he would learn or how long the project would end up taking.


“It was a complete gut renovation adding a bedroom, two full baths, and an open-concept great room,” Joseph says. “The project lasted almost four years.” Joseph learned all about traditional, transitional, and modern design styles along the way. His choice was to make the home as modern as possible.


“During the build process, my HVAC contractor noted that if we wanted to use ducts, they would have to be galvanized steel, spiral, exposed ducts,” he explains. “So, with that decision, we went to an industrial modern styling, and everything we did had to match the galvanized steel ducts in some way.”


Joseph wanted contemporary lighting that would complement the rest of the house without dominating the look. Over the dining room table, he chose the Factory Overhead 6-Light Chandelier. He customized this industrial-style chandelier with a Galvanized finish, standard cast guards, and frosted glass.


“It is simple, rather than ornate, and matches the ducts just a few feet away,” he notes. “I chose frosted glass to diffuse the light from the bulb so the fixtures would glow more evenly. It’s the perfect chandelier for my dining space.”


When it came to highlighting the long kitchen island, Joseph faced a conundrum. He found three pendants in the Barn Light Ceiling Lighting collection but couldn’t decide which one he liked best.

“I needed the pendants to match the chandelier,” he explains. “But I couldn’t make up my mind which one of the three I wanted.” So Joseph decided to buy one of each.


All three fixtures feature frosted glass and Galvanized finishes to match the chandelier. From left to right, Joseph chose the Static Ring Pendant Light, the Industrial Guard Pendant Light, and the Blue Collar Pendant Light. All three of these industrial-style pendants sport black-and-white cloth cords.

“The black-and-white cloth cords were the most interesting ones, but they don’t distract from the fixtures themselves,” Joseph says. “And the Galvanized finish matches the chandelier and the ductwork.” All of that exposed ductwork, however, left Joseph with a tricky situation in lighting the second floor hallway.


“Because the ducts would block overhead lighting, I had to use wall sconces,” he notes. He found the Amidships Bulkhead Wall Mount Light checked all the boxes for style, size, and scale. Joseph chose the small size of these compact wall lights and customized them with the Galvanized finish.


“These match the styling of the ducts as well as the first-floor lights,” he adds. “I can’t believe how well every light matches. They flow perfectly with all of the fixtures and cabinetry in the house.”


In one of the new bathrooms, Joseph chose a modern industrial-style vanity light in the Downtown Minimalist Double Sconce. This American-made vanity light features an Industrial Grey finish and two Edison Light bulbs for a soft glow.


On the exterior of his home, Joseph dipped into Barn Light’s Quick Ship Collection where he selected the Atomic Topless Streamline Industrial Guard Sconce. He customized these rugged outdoor lights with a Black finish.


“The Black finish matches the siding in both the front and back,” he says. “I wanted industrial lights so they would match the interior styling. Kind of like a preview to what is inside before you walk in.” Being able to choose well-crafted, industrial-style lighting that was easy to customize was one of the easier steps in Joseph’s renovation.

“I love my Barn Light fixtures,” he says. “They complement the home perfectly!”

Photos courtesy of the homeowner

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