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schoolhouse lighting

Rustic Industrial Lighting for Denver Home/Office Combo

Thanks to this year’s pandemic, many people find themselves working from home with most scrambling to carve out office space at the kitchen counter or the dining room table.

Others have had the pleasure of working from home pre-pandemic including Marke and Kimberly of Denver, Colorado. They combined their home and work spaces into a “creative ecosystem with separate but complementary parts: the house, shop, and outdoor spaces.”

industrial pendant lighting

Industrial Barn Lights Satisfy Both Form and Function in Garage Studio

Have you ever discovered an Instagram feed where every single photo makes you swoon? If not, pop right on over to Tone on Tone, curated by Loi Thai, an interior decorator and garden designer. From stunning floral displays both inside and out to soothing spaces he creates for clients around the country, Loi’s eye for design and perfect touch with color is worth a follow.

gooseneck wall lights kitchen lights

American Made Barn Lighting for Farmhouse Update

When you’re the second owner of a home (or third or fourth for that matter), you often find yourself adapting to other people’s choices in home design and décor. When Jai and his family moved into their previously owned home in Oklahoma back in 2012, they loved the farmhouse style of the design but wanted to bring the 1976-era home into the current millennium.


Industrial Lighting Helps Transform Man Cave into Modern Home Office

Working from home has its perks. If you’re a blogger or a consultant or anyone who works from a home office, people tell you all the time how lucky you are. In reality, the job has its downsides. You can never really escape the office because it’s always right there.

rustic chandelier multi light pendant

Multi-Light Chandelier Brightens Blogger’s Craft Room

People who start a business from home tend to start small. The owners of Barn Light Electric , in fact, started with little more than a laptop on the dining room table and a barn full of vintage fixtures. But there comes a time when a business requires dedicated space with ample storage, room to grow, and, of course, good lighting!