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Vintage Wall Sconces for the Stylish Home Office

Picture it now – you’ve gotten the opportunity to work from home, or better yet, work for yourself. Whether you’re starting up a bakery, flower shop or design blog, you’ve got to have a place to do the behind the scenes work. This is where all of the not-so-fun affairs are worked out: paperwork, meetings and contracts. After a long day, you’re going to need a lot of motivation to put yourself in there voluntarily, especially if it’s just plain and boring.

Doing the dirty work would be a lot easier if you made the room into a place you wanted to be in. Make it your own – decorate with color, mementos or cool vintage lighting. After all, it’s your home office so you have free reign! Another key to making work from home easier is to keep it organized. The picture featured from Better Homes and Gardens looks a little busy at first glance, until you notice the meticulous detail in the symmetry and organization. There are shelves, baskets and cubbies, all neatly organized for easy access – no digging around for that missing fabric swatch!

Task lighting in a home office is just as important as keeping it organized. Note what this office did and incorporate lighting in a few different places. A modern table lamp is strategically placed on the industrial wooden desk, seamlessly bringing together feminine and masculine designs. Over the wall unit are two vintage wall sconces, nearly identical to the Alburndale Adjustable Swingarm Sconce. Providing a creative and refreshing alternative to recessed ceiling lighting, wall sconces placed higher up on the ceiling can project light downward where it is most needed. Adjust the arms to extend farther out and over, or push it back in to keep it out of the way.

Top Photo Courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens


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