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Porcelain Enamel Lighting


Equipped with the latest in LED technology, these porcelain enamel lights incorporate LED modules directly into the shade to maximize their energy efficiency and lifespan. No bulbs to replace! Uniting old-world craftsmanship with this modern technology, our porcelain LED lighting features timeless RLM shade styles that are easy to customize to complement any residential or commercial décor.

Ivanhoe® Cord Pendants

Pendant lighting that is both stylish and energy efficient for every room of the house. Easy to customize with a variety of sizes, finish colors and other options.

Benjamin® Stem Pendants

Create a more formal look for your pendant lights with a rugged stem mounting paired with a glossy shade available in a variety of finish colors.

Steber Chain Pendants

Give your LED lighting an industrial look with the chain-hung option of these handcrafted fixtures. Easy to customize to complement any décor.

Goodrich® Goosenecks

Classic gooseneck lighting outfitted with an LED module to save energy coupled with a high-gloss porcelain finish that is handcrafted to last.

Wheeler™ Sconces

Wall-hugging sconces that offer quality, efficiency and style for both residential and commercial spaces. Choose from dozens of styles, colors & options.


Handcrafted chandelier lighting with the energy efficiency and environmentally friendly features of LED. Save money on power but don’t sacrifice style.

Post Mounts

Rugged outdoor lighting filled with energy efficient LED technology brings safety and security to parking lots, sidewalks, driveways and other public spaces.

What is Porcelain Enamel?

Porcelain enamel, also referred to as vitreous enamel, is a glass coating used in the manufacturing of a variety of household products. Porcelain’s appeal centers on its superior finish and ability to protect items from everyday wear and tear.

Unlike other finishes which can gradually fade with age, especially when exposed to sunlight, porcelain retains its color even after decades of use. Along with this color retention, porcelain’s high-gloss shine beautifully renders colors setting it apart from other finishes.

Hands-on Craftsmanship

At Barn Light Electric, the process of creating porcelain enamel lights begins with round disks stamped from flat sheets of steel. These steel disks are hand spun on a lathe and carefully shaped around a mold until it assumes the desired shape. Manipulating the shades by hand allows our talented artisans to pay meticulous attention to every detail as they create each light.

Triple Coated Protection

No other finish equals porcelain enamel. This vitreous enamel glaze is hand applied to our solid-steel shades then baked in a high-temperature oven to seal the enamel to the shade. Porcelain enamel lighting offers the best protection against the elements and longest lasting finish in any environment!

Watch The Process Now


Inspired by early 20th century vintage lighting, we’ve taken classic designs from inventors like Goodrich and Benjamin and updated them with modern finishes and options. We also revived the art of handcrafting porcelain enamel lighting and are the only manufacturer in the United States producing porcelain lights.
We named our collection of porcelain enamel stem mount lights after the Benjamin® Electric company of Chicago. The company was founded by Reuben B. Benjamin who filed his first patent for an electric lamp socket in 1898. Like other manufacturers of that era, Benjamin focused on high quality materials and durability for his line of lighting. Following in those footsteps, Barn Light Electric handcrafts our porcelain enamel pendants in much the same way Benjamin did almost 100 years ago. Beginning with commercial grade materials our artisans hand spin, hand prep, paint, and assemble each fixture to assure its quality.