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No matter what barn light you choose, the light bulb puts the finishing touch on any look! Our collection includes a wide variety from decorative half-chrome and Edison Style Light Bulbs to eco-friendly halogen and LED bulbs.
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Why light bulbs matter in a décor.

Light bulbs are usually an afterthought when shopping for lighting fixtures, but they are incredibly important to establishing a room’s overall mood. While most people are familiar with incandescent bulbs, there are numerous fashionable and high-performance options you may not be familiar with.

What are Edison Bulbs?

Warm, nostalgic, and decorative — lately it seems as if Edison Bulbs are everywhere. This is largely due to their near-universal aesthetic appeal. By invoking the designs first developed by Thomas Edison, the style’s namesake, these bulbs foster a traditional character in modern settings without feeling archaic. Despite originating generations ago, these antique light bulbs complement the mindsets and design principles used to decorate contemporary homes and businesses.

Modern reproduction Edison bulbs embrace the same oblong shape and visible curled filament associated with the originals; filament options include squirrel cage, hairpin, loop, and spiral. Other vintage light bulb styles consist of elongated tube-shaped bulbs, Victorian bulbs, and round ball-shaped globe bulbs. Because of their eye-catching aesthetics, these bulbs are often shown off in bare bulb lighting and in fixtures with minimalist cages.

What makes Edison Bulbs so popular? And what are they used for?

Edison Bulbs have a lower lumen output than many other bulb styles, so they produce warmer, softer illumination. This imbues a room with ambiance and atmosphere. With their traditional, eye-catching shapes, Nostalgic Edison Bulbs often serve as accent pieces within a décor. The historic nature of these bulbs complements the industrial and minimalist styles that are common in contemporary businesses. Businesses like trendy coffee shops, breweries, mixology bars, and restaurants incorporate Edison bulbs to create a relaxed, casual mood for their customers.

Are Edison Bulbs available in LED?

Yes, Edison Light Bulbs are available in LED. These bulbs adopt the expected Edison-style but produce illumination with high-performance, extremely efficient technology. Available in a wide range of timeless looks, the LED Edison bulbs we carry produce an average of 30,000 hours of light, offer several lumen options, and feature multiple color temperatures.

What are half-chrome light bulbs?

For fixtures that leave their bulbs exposed, the bottoms of half-chrome light bulbs are finished with a shiny silver layer to prevent glare. In RLM shades, half-chrome bulbs reflect light back to the shade for a more even distribution. Regularly used in bare bulb pendants and sconces, this option tends to be easier on the eyes than more traditional incandescent bulbs.

What are some practical, efficient, and utilitarian light bulb options?

Incandescent bulbs are among the most common and affordable options. Other bulbs are designed to be more energy efficient. Compact fluorescent, also referred to as CFLs, require less electricity and offer a longer lifespan than more traditional forms of lighting. However, these bulbs are best used indoors, and in applications where they function as more ambient lighting. With their bright light and energy efficiency, halogen bulbs are perfect for outdoor flood lights and display lighting.