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Rustic Rosewood Wall Sconce Vanity Mirror Light

Unique Timber Frame Innovation Meets Rustic Barn Light Inspiration


Located within an hour from Hershey, Pennsylvania, on the opposite side of the Juniata River, resides this latest customer project submission. Nestled among the quiet countryside of Newport, Pennsylvania sets this stunning timber frame home that stands as a testament to rustic innovation. With the enlisted help from Benson Wood Homes, this customer’s striking snow-covered home stands out against the white and grays of winter due to the natural honey stain adorning the exterior and interior wood framing. As incredible as the exterior is, the interior is equally matched with a combination of eclectic charm complete with energy saving functionality. Mixed with contemporary accoutrements, this impressive home displays a variety of creature comforts highlighted by the creative use of Barn Light Electric fixtures throughout the house. A blend of wall sconces and pendants in powder coat rust work together with the high reaching rafters, creating a harmony between the rugged natural wood beams and walls. Possibly the most intriguing element of this home is the use of an inverted canoe positioned above the dining room table, which acts as a mount for the 3 Atomic CGU Pendants suspended from the inside of this capsized vessel. This not only creates focal point for the room, but it also shortens the otherwise large gap between the ceiling and table bringing them together with a great deal of character and jaw dropping style. In conjunction with the incorporation of these Atomic Era lights, there was a need to use similar styled fixtures to maintain a common theme throughout the home. With so many options available, this customer’s decision to use the Mustang Sconce perfectly matches the ongoing rustic appearance that flows seamlessly through the smaller more intimate rooms, such as the areas around the bathtub and vanity. Bringing this rugged expression to the exterior, the use of two different fixtures greet you as you make your way up to this home. The first light that greets you is a pair of Sharp Sconces which provides a subtle glimpse to what awaits you behind the front door, in contrast, perched high above the open gazebo rests the robust weathered copper shade of the CGU Retro Pendant that visibly stands out against the pale wooden timers that surround it. The importance of these fixtures, both inside and out, become more evident when examining the whole composition of this project. By subtracting either fixture, certain characteristics could get lost and possibly take away from the overall beauty and charm of this home. The great attention to detail combined with creative solutions to lighting open spaces, this home will remain as a testament to modern innovative thought and stunning design.

Atomic-Pendant-Island-Bar-Rosewood-Finish Textile-Rosewood-Atomic-Industrial-Chandelier Rustic-Rosewood-Wall-Sconce-Vanity-Mirror-Light

Mustang Bathroom Sconce Rosewood Copper-Toggenburg-Sconce-Exterior-Pendant Range-Doorway-Sconce-On-A-Timber-Cabin

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    Judy Wynia

    We love the method that was used for hanging the canoe and would like to replicate it in our home. Can we purchase the suspension apparatus or do need to have it custom made? We absolutely love the way this looks! It looks awesome!

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