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LED post mount lighting

Post Mount Lights Bring Safety, Style to Residential Settings

Post mount lighting is often viewed as strictly functional, utilitarian, and relegated to commercial installations such as sidewalks and parking lots. Today, we’re here to show you why many homeowners also choose these rugged fixtures to bring both illumination and a certain joie de vivre to their driveways and landscaping.

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post mount lighting

Best of Both Worlds; Post Light Illuminates, Preserves Dark Sky

It’s no secret that light pollution is a global issue. According to the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA), the widespread use of artificial light at night not only washes out the night sky and wastes energy, it also interrupts our circadian rhythms and messes with melatonin levels.

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wall sconce lighting

Rugged Guard-and-Glass Fixtures Blend Industrial, Modern Styles

What is your favorite design style? Traditional? Minimalist? Does the current farmhouse trend with reclaimed wood, wrought iron accents, and vintage elements catch your eye? Kim and Dan, of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, admit to having rather mixed tastes when it comes to renovating their 1950-era Cape Cod home.

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gooseneck barn lights

Family of Handcrafted Lights Boost Farmhouse Feel for New Home

Shopping online can be a bit intimidating when it comes to spending hard-earned dollars on products you can’t hold in your hands before purchase. Here at Barn Light Electric, we strive to make the process as easy as possible. We provide a wealth of information in easy-to-navigate menus which includes photos, product descriptions, dimensions, and maintenance information.

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