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Outdoor Lighting For Craftsman Style Homes

Photo courtesy of This Old House

Originally beginning in Europe during the late 1800’s, the Arts & Crafts movement based itself on doing away with industrialization and focusing back on the handmade goods of hardworking craftsmen. This movement hit America around 1910 and took a slightly different direction. Americans focused on more than just handmade goods, they focused on the entire, middle-class home. The Arts & Crafts styles were simple in form. They used very little decoration and often showed off the hard work that went into creating them.

Traditional exterior characteristics of these homes can include large covered porches, wide trim, dormers, or exposed rafters. With similar styled features, and although not your typical Arts & Crafts style home, what better example of a handmade home than a log cabin. Today both the rustic and Arts & Crafts styles are still widely popular around the world. Even newly constructed homes combine styles and try to achieve the once desired hand made look and feel.

The clean vertical and horizontal grid like lines that make up the window panes and lantern are just some of the traditional Arts & Crafts features once used. Where once individual glass panes were painstakingly inset by hand, today this style can easily be lost in mass production.

A modern day and classic craftsman style fixture is the Abington Barn Lantern. Made from a unique cast aluminum, these fixtures remain hand crafted, welded, and produced right here in America – just as they were 100 years ago. The Abington Barn Lantern is available in several sizes and similar styles, including selections from over 20 finish options. Prices for this fixture begin at $250.00 each.

Barn Light Electric offers several high quality, American made lines of lighting. For a full list of our outdoor lantern styles ranging from Arts & Crafts, Victorian, Colonial or Nautical check us out at Barn Light Electric.

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