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Old-World Elegance Meets Modern Technology

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The industrial age was responsible for the creation of many innovative products and technologies that changed regular aspects of our everyday life. One of these important creations was the ceiling fan, but a lot has changed since its introduction. The ornate styling that was once a common trait of early ceiling fans have been replaced with mass-produced fans that lack the elaborate design and functionality of those early fans. Now you can bring a piece of nostalgia to your home, restaurant, brewery, or showroom with the line of vintage fans that we offer that are equipped with a belt drive system. The Bourbon Street and Brewmaster belt driven ceiling fans provide a touch of timeless style with modern components driving the belts and allowing enjoyment for years to come. All belt driven fans are available with multiple blade and finish choices to match your surroundings to ensure the ability to customize these fans to fit your specific needs.

Bourbon Street Short Bourbon Street Long Brewmaster


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    Renay Mortensen

    can you send me a catalog? I would love to see your entire collection of blet driven ceiling fans with lighting as well. Thanks.

    Renay Mortensen
    PO Box 838
    Kalama, Wa. 98625

  2. 2a7449ad6e854f446f759ff41e2004c0?s=60&d=blank&r=g

    Hi Renay,
    We’ll be more than happy to get this sent out to you! Please expect to receive it by this upcoming Monday. Have a great day!

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    Wes Henderson

    I would love to have a catalog of all your products to display in our buisness. Our graphics company is in a small 1880 bank that we have restored to original. We have 11 foot metal ceilings with all brick walls that we have polyurethane coated. The square footage is about 400, with an 12 x 8 ft safe in it. Very cool.. Anyway we need lighting and air movement, but we are wanting to keep the look of the era. Thanks from ,Wes and Randi Henderson at CenProGraphics.

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    Hi Wes,
    You can see our entire product line on our website — And if you have any questions you can contact our sales staff at 800-407-8784 or via email at Your building sounds very cool and we’d love to see photos when you get the space reveal ready!

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    Dean Athans

    Please email me catalog

  6. 8565155288266f8b1c948ca1892cdb4f?s=60&d=blank&r=g

    Hi Dean,
    You can see our entire product line on our website — And if you have any questions you can contact our sales staff at 800-407-8784, via email at, or via Live Chat from our website during our regular business hours.

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