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Flush Mount Ceiling Lights Overlooked in the Design World

Designing a custom home comes with a plethora of planning. Between contractors and their crews running around, along with meeting with designers, it becomes an unbelievably stressful process. However, once all the construction dust has been swept up and the fixtures polished pretty, the end product is calming, soothing, and perfect. The budget constraints are out of sight and out of mind.

There’s no doubt that quite a bit of planning went into this bathroom. Between the Tiffany blue walls and white subway tile, this master suite combines elegance and class with modern pieces. Unfortunately, there is very little wall space for sconces, and a pendant light just wouldn’t quite fit in with the traditionalist atmosphere. Surely, the designer took advantage of the options for lighting out there, and opted for a surface mount ceiling light. Out of sight and out of mind, lights that mount flush to the ceiling are not used as often as their functionality may permit.

Barn Light Electric offers quite a selection of flush mount lights, anything from a classic piece like this, all the way to a rustic warehouse style shade. Be sure to browse through our blogs and use your search terms to find inspiration. Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest boards for additional inspiration sorted by color and even spaces. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us. Any of our sales representatives will be glad to help you find what you’re looking for. Got a special request? We can most likely accommodate your needs!

While you’re browsing around our website, be sure to have your designers reference our Trade Discount information. That discount is available year round on non-discounted fixtures, and will definitely save you some money. Maybe you can splurge on that extra area rug you saw on Pinterest!

Top Photo Courtesy of Southern Living

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