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Celebrate World Emoji Day with Garage Art & Gooseneck Lights

We’re celebrating World Emoji Day with Scott in California whose recently renovated garage is a daily tribute to the happy smiley face. Scott renovated his home, located on the beautiful peninsula in Newport Beach, with help from designer Natalie Farmer.

Avalon Gooseneck 12in 550 Yellow G26arm28

To add a pop of color to the crisp white siding of his garage, Scott added the large, yellow emoji flanked by two Avalon Gooseneck Lights. Scott customized these handcrafted wall lights with 12″ shades, a porcelain enamel Yellow finish, and G26 gooseneck arms. He also added the fixtures to his back porch for added color and illumination.

Avalon Gooseneck 12in 550 Yellow G26arm29

“I was looking for quality, American-made lighting with porcelain enamel color options for my beach location,” Scott says. “I like the style of the gooseneck and the playful look of the design.” Before placing his order online, Scott requested finish samples to select the final color.

Avalon Gooseneck 12in 550 Yellow G26arm15

He chose the porcelain enamel Yellow finish which is applied to a handspun shade of commercial-grade steel. After multiple coats of enamel are applied, the shade is baked in a high-temperature oven to seal the enamel to the shade. The resulting high-gloss finish will never fade even in California’s famous sunshine.

Avalon Gooseneck 12in 550 Yellow G26arm2

“I selected the Avalon shade to provide a larger canopy of light and to cover the light bulb,” Scott explains. “The 12″ size and the G26 arm stay within the scale of the beach house.”

Avalon Gooseneck 12in 550 Yellow G26arm18

Like all of our handcrafted fixtures, the Avalon has roots in the vintage RLM designs of the early 20th century, but has been updated with plenty of customizing options. Choose from a rainbow of finish colors, gooseneck arm styles, and shade accessories like a wire guard or cast guard and glass to create the perfect fixture for any space.

“I found Barn Light Electric online and liked the selection of colors and configurations,” Scott says. “The yellow finish ties in with the emoji and provides a nice accent color to the home.”

Photos courtesy of the homeowner

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