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kitchen pendant lighting

Barn Pendant Lights Bridge Mid-Century Modern, Farmhouse Styles

We hear a lot of comments from customers describing what they like best about their new lighting from Barn Light Electric. Things like “superior craftsmanship” and “American-made quality.” But most would agree that their favorite feature is the abundance of customizing options.

gooseneck barn lights

Easy-to-Customize Exterior Lighting Suits Tricky Architectural Details

It seems so easy to just walk into a big box store and grab a light off the shelf for your home.

But what if you have a tight spot where a standard mounting won’t fit? What if you want a color other than black? What if you want American-made quality that won’t fall apart in six months?

pendant lighting restaurant

Porcelain Pendants, Sign Lights Add Warmth, Coziness to New Asheville Eatery

While Asheville, North Carolina, may be well known as Beer City USA, the mountain town also boasts a large number of independent restaurants that add to the region’s hip yet homey vibe.

One of the local favorites is Early Girl which recently added a third location just north of town. Our friend and designer Emily Richter of EKR Interior Design handled the latest expansion which included the renovation of a former restaurant space. (more…)

Porcelain Pendant Lighting Bridges Rustic, Refined Looks in Coastal Home

Although beachfront homes almost always have a relaxed vibe to them, the overall look can range from refined to rustic depending upon the colors, fixtures, and finishes chosen. When New York architect Don Cantillo began working on a home on the south shore of Long Island, he wanted a look that dipped toes in both waters. (more…)