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barn light austin sconce

Barn Style Sconce Accents a Very Modern Space

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Modern Spaces ‘ sustainable modern sheds, also known as “forts for grown ups,” are all under 120 square feet. The sheds are based on four pre-designed units: The low profile “Cadet,” the 10x10x10 “Cube,” the European inspired “Tin Hut,” and the “Lofty,” which is built with angled walls and a high ceiling. These units are often used as a home office, playrooms, guest rooms, or movie rooms. For the do-it-yourself builders, Modern Spaces, offers blue prints of each unit for $20 each online. According to the Modern Spaces’ website, the sheds were designed with a small footprint to avoid the expensive permits and costly engineering required for larger home additions. Located in California, a state where the cost of living is exceptionally high, these sheds are very reasonably price, with the base units starting $6000.

A wall sconce similar to the Barn Light Austin Sconce was installed on the modern shed featured above. With a look that transcends eras, the Austin Sconce is one of the most versatile wall sconces at Barn Light Electric

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