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A Return To Tranquil Spaces

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As visited in a prior blog entry, we discussed the importance of creating harmony in your living spaces and how it affects your ability to relax. In this posting, we return to designers Jeri Glatter and Steven Cohen at Rooster Designs who originally inspired us with their beautiful example of tranquility. This time we visit their latest barn project at Rooster Ridge where they utilized the rich solid weathered copper on a 16″ Radial Wave and a HL-A Gooseneck Arm. The contrast of the deep weathered copper set against the traditional red barn allows the Radial Wave to reflect subtle hues of orange and brown that compliment the flat red of the barn. This maintains the design harmony, creating a light that does not detract from the barn and further adds to the great detail of the project. This project was carried out to perfection and represents an ideal balance between color and style to fully create a tranquil space.

Radial-BarnBarn Side


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    Kathie Gillihan

    We are remodeling our small bedroom/master bath. I haven’t seen anything out there until I ran across the Starfire Radial Wave Gooseneck light. Am I just dreaming? … can this be used in our bathroom? or will it be just too big? Thought in reading the specifics, it was hard to make out but I though it said it also came in a 10″ shade? Thank you.

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    The Starfire Radial Wave Gooseneck can absolutely be used in a bathroom. It is wet rated which means it can be installed anywhere indoors or out. The smallest Shade size is a 12″ however so I’m not sure if that is too big for your space. To get an idea, cut out a piece of cardboard that is 12″ in diameter and hold it up in place where you want to install the light.

    This shade can also be built as the Starfire Radial Wave Wall Sconce. A bit more wall hugging than the gooseneck but the smallest size, again, is 12″.

    If you’re interested in a porcelain enamel fixture, the gooseneck is the Seaside Radial Wave. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask our sales staff. They can be reached at 800-407-8784, via email at or via Live Chat from our home page during regular business hours. Thanks for checking out the blog!

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