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Small Everglade Gooseneck Light

A Perennial Favorite


Few light fixtures can bridge the gap between different styles to create a genre all its own by taking the classic appearance of lighting from the early 1900’s and mixing modern design elements to make a light that fits within any era. The challenge is taking the most revered forms of the 20th century and blending nontraditional simplified lines seamlessly, to create an aesthetically appealing fixture that does not mar the original reputation of the traditional shade. The finest example of the blending of eras is the Everglade Warehouse Shade, which is identified by the classic flared shade that initially popped up in workshops and barns during the 1930’s and 1940’s. Hoping to add a subtle touch of contemporary flare to this classic warehouse shade, the Everglade is paired with an extended hub and slotted rings, which encompasses the light bulb. The elongated solid upper portion of the hub is separated from the shade by placing it on top of a series of rings, which gives the impression of a free-floating fixture. Due to the ability to see within the center of the light, the use of a jelly jar glass is imperative to complete the overall look and functional purpose to this light fixture. With the combination of these elements and a choice of 38 Gooseneck Arms, the Everglade is a true comprehensive light fixture that would compliment any Victorian, Historic & Colonial Revival, and Arts & Crafts home.


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