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Vintage Shades Play Starring Role in 1940s Cary Grant Flick

Here at Barn Light Electric we love all things vintage — cars, jewelry, wine, and yes, antique lights rank pretty highly too. Old movies are a great place to spot classic vintage shades, and if you’re trying to decide on an antique fixture for your space, an old film may hold the inspiration you’re looking for. We recently watched a 1940s comedy called His Girl Friday starring Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell. Cary Grant plays a tough newspaper editor with a fiery reporter for an ex-wife. When he finds out she’s ditching her newspaper career to marry a quiet, unassuming insurance salesman, he tries to win her back to the news game by dangling one last tantalizing story for her to cover. Much of the movie takes place in press room of the courthouse which is studded with vintage pendant lights.

Chasing the hot story, Grant and Russell spend a good deal of time on the old fashioned phones with their manual typewriter nicely illuminated by the deep bowl shade in the foreground. This light closely resembles our 12″ Vintage Cord Hung Warehouse Shade which features a green porcelain enamel exterior and a white porcelain interior. The fixture in the rear of this photo is very similar to our 16″ Vintage Benjamin® Flat Cone Porcelain Pendant which also has the classic green porcelain enamel coating.

In another scene, Grant pauses for just a moment, perhaps reconsidering having a thug kidnap his ex-wife’s future mother-in-law. It’s hard to be distracted from that classic Cary Grant look — the dark eyes, the dapper clothes, the sultry stare — but we couldn’t help noticing the vintage pendant over his shoulder. This is much like our 10″ Vintage Green Cased Cone Shade Pendant, part of our collection of Cased Glass pendants.

All of the antique lights we offer on Vintage Barn Lighting have been cleaned, carefully inspected, rewired, and are ready to install. Add a piece of nostalgia to your space then sit back with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy!

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