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radiant orchid accents

Style Me Sunday: Radiant Orchid Energizes Our Color Palettes

In 2013, Pantone delighted the design world by naming Emerald Green as the color of the year. This Thursday, Pantone decided to refresh our color palettes by naming Radiant Orchid as the 2014 Color of the Year. This fresh and feminine hue is popular for floral arrangements, but we are excited to see how it is infused in interior design. Here are some of our favorite complementary hues. Which one suits your style?

Radiant Orchid Accents | Style Me Sunday

Room by Caitlin Wilson | Esso Wall Sconce | Lille Tin Wall Clock | Wilcox Deep Bowl Pendant Light

Complement your Radiant Orchid with soft, pastel hues like jadite and mint against a blank, white slate. Because the color is so bright and eye-catching, these creamy colors will not steal the spotlight.

Radiant Orchid and Copper

Copper Bowls | Copper Cage Pendant

Place copper accents against a radiant orchid backdrop and there is undeniable chemistry. Together, these brilliant hues add a touch of exotic warmth. Copper and orchid are truly a match made in Heaven.

Radiant Orchid and Navy Color Coordination

Downtown Minimalist Pendant | Secondary Schoolhouse Gooseneck Light

Tone down this lovely shade of purple with a darker shade of navy. This clean-cut combination is great for design traditionalists who want to experiment with color.

How are you going to incorporate Radiant Orchid into your designs?

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