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Retro Chic Styling

Tiago Sconce

Gone are the days of revolutionary homes of the early to mid 20th Century, where the Arts & Crafts, Bungalow, and Ranch homes led the way in cutting edge custom home design. These homes are now a valued piece of history because of their outstanding creative features. Every area of these homes was paid special attention, which is why we are left with these modern works of art. Boasting this rare design is the Tiago Sconce, a unique blend of Mediterranean and Colonial styles. This one of a kind sconce showcases a cylindrical semi-enclosed shade, with holes cut into the solid portion of the cylinder to allow light to fan out through multiple glass choices. An extended drop lens compliments the Tiago, allowing light to flow downward through a choice of glass colors. If you would like to carry same the unique styling throughout the inside of their home, the Hacienda is the matching pendant version that is available with several mounting options to meet any required need. This diverse American made light lends its appearance to homes and restaurants seeking the same retro chic styling that was originated in so many Prairie, Craftsman Bungalows, and California Rambler homes from the early to mid 20th Century.

Hacienda Pendant

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