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Professional’s Corner | Q&A with Realtor Bobby Mutter

With the coming of spring has also come the tantalizing news that maybe, just maybe, the housing market is starting to shake off its stupor of the past four years. To help give you a jumpstart on revitalizing your home for the upswing in activity, we turned to Bobby Mutter, broker and owner of Bobby Mutter Realty here in our hometown of Titusville, Florida, an area hard hit by the housing crisis. Today, we ask about exterior lighting for the home. Next week, join us for a continuation of the conversation with Bobby as we tackle interior lighting issues.

Q: How important is that first impression potential buyers have when they first arrive?
A: Most potential buyers do judge the book by the cover. The way a home is presented can make or break your sale. Curb appeal is the draw a home has from the curb in both lighting and landscaping, and, in my opinion, about 40 percent of the personal grading by a buyer takes place in the curb appeal category.

Q: How do we up the curb-appeal ante?
A: One of the best ways to accentuate the outside is with lighting, although that’s usually the last thing sellers worry about. They are usually more concerned with carpet or paint. Lighting is a great, inexpensive way to bring warmth and life into your yard.

Q: What type of exterior lighting works best?
A: For a pick-me-up on the landscaping, lights around the driveway and front porch stand out and are spotted right away if your showing is in the evening. It’s also great for those who drive by at night to check out the neighborhood. Make sure your lights are on and working properly. Post mount and column mount lights for driveways are very popular right now and will definitely add to your curb appeal.

May we suggest the Mission Bell Wall Mount for your front porch? It’s part of our collection of Outdoor Lanterns that add sophistication and style to your doorway. Or check out our complete line of Copper Gas and Electric Lanterns which will never rust and are manufactured to last a lifetime with virtually no maintenance.

Top photo courtesy of LandscapeNetwork.com

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